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Purium review – everything you should know

Purium is a health and weight loss multilevel marketing company most famous for its ten-day body transformation program.

The program uses products from Purium’s array of cleansing, weight loss, and supplement offerings for a combined effect that is supposed to cleanse your body, reboot your metabolism, and help you drop weight.

Did I get on board? This explains everything:

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Purium’s supplement philosophy is to provide vitamins and minerals in the chemical context that they naturally occur in.

As such, many of their products involve extracts or isolates from natural fruits, vegetables, and herbs, instead of individual nutrient supplements.

This has the advantage of providing vitamins and minerals alongside other biologically important compounds like phytonutrients, but also makes their supplements more complex, more expensive, and include more ingredients.

When it comes to popularity, Purium has been on a slow decline for several years.  It experienced a surge of growth and sustained popularity through most of 2014.

Traffic declined thereafter, only to surge back again midway through 2015.  Since then, however, search engine traffic for Purium has been on the decline.

Purium is not likely to see another period of heavy growth, but it looks like it can sustain a manageable amount of interest, unlike other MLMs who plummet to obscurity after a meteoric rise.


The flagship product and program of Purium is the 10 day celebrity transformation.  The $290 (retail cost) program includes a package of five supplements: an amino acid supplement, an anti-aging fruit juice concentrate, a meal replacement shake, an electrolyte supplement, and a fiber supplement.

The protein supplement in the 10 day transformation package is Super Amino 23, which is a blend of eight of the nine amino acids that are essential in your diet.

Each tablet provides one gram of amino acids (a full serving is five of them), which are supposed to minimize body fat.

Amino acid supplements like this are known to help promote muscle growth, both in athletes and in older adults.

A 2003 study in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition demonstrated that the essential amino acids (eight of which are contained in Super Amino 23) are the primary stimulants of muscle growth when elderly people start undertaking muscle strengthening programs.

Similarly, a study published in 2002 in the Journal of Applied Physiology found that an amino acid supplement that delivers six grams of essential amino acids was able to increase muscle growth following a workout routine.

Despite this, there isn’t any great science supporting amino acid supplements for losing weight, so to gain the benefits, you’d need to be exercising.

The second part of the 10 day transformation program is Apothe-Cherry Concentrate, which is a potent antioxidant juice whose sole ingredient is tart cherry juice concentrate.

A serving is quite small, only 2 tablespoons.  Tart cherry juice is known to help decrease oxidative stress and improve sleep quality.

On the oxidative damage front, a 2009 study found that the juice concentrate improved the ability of older men and women to resist damage from radical oxygen species, which are implicated in a number of chronic diseases and are thought to be a cause of aging.

Interestingly, tart cherry juice appears to improve your sleep quality as well, at least according to a 2012 study which found that tart cherry juice increased melatonin levels in a small group of volunteers.

The fiber blend and the Power Shake, two additional components of the 10 day transformation, do have some more direct evidence supporting their use as weight loss supplements.

Both supply dietary fiber, and as reported by Joanne Slavin at the University of Minnesota in 2005, increased fiber intake is associated with a decrease in food intake and a decrease in body weight.

Finally, the SuperLytes supplement is a combination of Himalayan pink salt and rooibos extract.  While Himalayan pink salt has a lot of mystique surrounding it, at the end of the day, it’s mostly table salt, and there is a lot of it in the SuperLytes supplement.

One serving of this supplement contains more salt than the American Heart Association recommends that you consume in a day!

So, it’s clear that the 10 day transformation plan is a mixed bag.  Some of the supplements look interesting, but aren’t necessarily suited for weight loss, a few others are good weight loss supplements, but must be taken over a long period of time to see the effects, and the SuperLytes supplement is pretty useless.

Compensation plan

Joining Purium has some substantial up-front costs.  You need to sign up for a $75 membership fee (though it’s pretty easy to acquire a $50 discount on this by getting a gift card from another distributor), and you are required to sign up for a $65 monthly autoship.

Doing these qualifies you for wholesale discounts of up to 30%.  The compensation plan is structured such that it strongly rewards recruiting a lot of associates below you, while dramatically increasing the group volume of your orders.

Developing a tall structure of downline distributors is much better in this case than trying to sell a lot of products on your own.

The compensation structure also heavily rewards the first order bonus, with commissions of 25% for first-level, first-time orders.

As you can probably guess, this is because the company’s flagship product is a 10-day detox/weight loss program, which is hard to sell repeatedly to the same customers.  This means there is a lot of front-loaded income potential, but your customer base, and income, could dry up quick.


Purium is all over the map.  Some of their products are pretty solid, while others are nigh-useless.

Their compensation structure is a little odd, too—it’s almost asking you to get in, sell a bunch of 10 day body transformation plans for a huge commission, then get out as soon as your customer base dries up.

If you’re set on MLM, this one’s not terrible, but probably not the most profitable either.

If you’re doing it for the money, there are better ways to kill your day job. You might like our coaching because it shows you the good life without peddling products to your family and friends.

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