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Fit Affinity review: Weight loss system for women?

fit affinity review

Fit Affinity is a brand of weight loss supplements and fat burners for women

This line of supplements consists of three different products: Tight Tummy for Her, Lean Fat Burner for Her and Firm Body Sculptor for Her.

These three products are designed to work in synergy together to help you reach your slimming and weight loss goals.

Although they’re solid, they did not make our top 3 fat burners for women.

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The three products that make up the Fit Affinity range of women’s supplements take a multi level approach to weight loss. They are intended to be taken alongside each other for maximum effect.

Fit Affinity contains many natural ingredients which are commonly found in weight loss supplements, and are well known for their effects.

It contains ingredients such as: caffeine, green tea, cayenne powder, garcinia cambogia and probiotics.

Fit Affinity offers the following benefits:

Reduce Bloating

Stomach bloating is a common complaint among women.

It is caused by a multitude of factors such as a poor diet, stressful lifestyle, an imbalance in gut bacteria and some medications. (1)

It can be uncomfortable and most women are embarrassed as to how they can look with a bloated stomach.

Fit Affinity Tight Tummy For Her claims to be able to reduce stomach bloating and improve digestive health.

It achieves this using a special blend of all natural ingredients, such as herbs and probiotics which calm, balance and tighten the stomach.  

Boost Metabolism

As you probably already know, burning more calories than we consume is the key to weight loss.

If we have not burned all the calories we have consumed in a day, these extra calories will be stored and weight increases

Our bodies have a base rate at which we burn calories and expend energy just to survive. This is known as our Basal Metabolic Rate or BMR.

This is the amount of calories you will burn without any additional exercise.

Our BMR will vary depending on factors such as age, weight, body composition and gender. Women generally have a lower BMR than men. (2)

Fit Affinity Lean Fat Burner for Her claims to have thermogenic, or metabolism boosting properties.  

It uses ingredients such as green tea, caffeine, cayenne, and alpha lipoic acid to boost the metabolism, increase energy and burn fat.

Suppresses Appetite

If you are trying to lose weight, it is very important cut back on the amount of calories you are consuming.

This means reducing your intake of food, which usually leads to hunger and cravings.

As sections of the digestive system sense that they are becoming empty, signals are sent to our brains which cause contractions in the lining of the stomach. (3)

This is what causes the sensation of hunger.

Fit Affinity Firm Body Sculptor contains ingredients that work to suppress the appetite, helping you to beat cravings and stick to your diet.


Fit Affinity Weight Loss bundle contains a blend of many ingredients across its three products. Below we dissect some of the most powerful active compounds.

Garcinia Cambogia

Garcinia cambogia is a fruit that grows in the forests of India and South-East Asia.

It has a chemical compound called hydroxycitric acid or HCA.

This compound has been clinically proven to inhibit the production of fat in the body by inhibiting the action of the enzyme citrate lyase. (4)

There is also some evidence that serotonin levels may be increased by consuming this fruit, which in turn can help to suppress your appetite. (5)

Garcinia cambogia is an ingredient in Fit Affinity Firm Body Sculptor.

Acetyl L-Carnitine HCI

Acetyl L-Carnitine HCI (or L-Carnitine) is an amino acid that is naturally created within our bodies. It is used by our cells in the process of creating energy.

L-carnitine can boost energy and athletic performance. A study found that it prolonged the time before footballers reached exhaustion. (6)

An energy boost is helpful if you are ramping up your exercise regime while restricting calories.

L-carnitine is included as an ingredient in both Fit Affinity Lean Fat Burner and Fit Affinity Firm Body Sculptor.

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract contains high levels of caffeine which is a popular stimulant.

Caffeine is well known for its’ energy boosting properties and has also been proven to boost the metabolism – helping with weight loss. (7)

Green tea also contains compounds known as Catechins.

Catechins have been shown to have antioxidant properties and also contribute to the reduction of body fat. (8)  

Green tea is an ingredient found in every product relating to the Fit Affinity Weight Loss Bundle.

Alpha Lipoic Acid

Alpha lipoic acid or ALA is a mitochondrial compound which is very important role for in the body’s energy functions. (9)

It has antioxidant properties and works with mitochondria, the centre of energy production within our cells.

Supplementation with alpha lipoic acid has proven to promote weight loss. (10)

Alpha lipoic acid has also been shown to increase metabolism. (11)

ALA is present in the Fit Affinity Lean Fat Burner supplement.


Cayenne pepper is a spicy herb that is often used in hot dishes.

The active ingredient in cayenne pepper is the compound capsaicin.

There is evidence that capsaicin can increase the metabolism and the oxidation of fat. (12)

Cayenne is included in Fit Affinity Lean Fat Burner.

Conjugated Linoleic Acid (CLA)

Conjugated linoleic acid or CLA is a fatty acid found in full fat dairy products, cheese, beef and butter.

CLA is a very popular ingredient in weight loss and fat burning supplements. It has been shown to maintain lean mass when dieting. (13)

There is also evidence that CLA can help assist with fat loss and reduce appetite. (14, 15)

CLA is an ingredient in Fit Affinity Firm Body Sculptor.

Ginger Root

Ginger is a spice that is commonly used in Asian cooking. It also has history in many ancient therapies such as traditional Chinese medicine and ayurveda.

Ginger has been used for centuries in Chinese medicine to calm the digestion.

It has what is known as a ‘carminative’ effect on the gut. This means it helps to break up and dispel intestinal gas. Therefore ginger is a useful remedy in the treatment of stomach bloating. (16)

Ginger is an active ingredient in Fit Affinity Tight Tummy.

Peppermint Leaf

Peppermint is a plant commonly used for its aroma and taste properties.

The oil from the peppermint plant also has a ‘carminative’ effect, and can be used internally as an intestinal and digestive aid.  

It has been proven to relax the stomach and intestines, reducing digestive discomfort. (17)

Peppermint has also been shown to be an effective treatment to reduce pain caused by inflammatory bowel syndrome (IBS). (18)

Peppermint is included in Fit Affinity Tight Tummy.

Probiotic Blend

Fit Affinity Tight Tummy includes a probiotic that contains the friendly microbes lactobacillus and bifidobacterium.

Lactobacillus is commonly found in foods like yogurt based products and is aimed at promoting a healthy gut. It is a type of probiotic – a substance which promotes the growth of microorganisms such as intestinal flora.

Bifidobacterium naturally colonises the human gut. There is evidence it can reduce inflammation caused by bowel conditions. (19)

Lactobacillus fights bad bacteria in the gut, supporting the correct balance in the digestive system. (20)

Ensuring that your gut has the right balance of good and bad bacteria is known to improve health and energy levels. (21)

Side Effects

You may experience side effects such as gas, stomach ache, nausea, insomnia, fast heartbeat and headaches.

If you are sensitive to caffeine you could feel ‘jittery’ when taking this product. This is because all the supplements contain ingredients high in caffeine.

If you feel unwell, stop taking Fit Affinity and speak to your physician.

Recommended Dosage

Two capsules of Fit Affinity Fat Burner should be taken daily. You should take the capsules either with breakfast, OR before exercise with food.

Two capsules of Fit Affinity Tight Tummy should be taken daily after breakfast. If you are feeling very bloated, Fit Affinity recommends taking two capsules after every meal. (Do not exceed six capsules per day.)

Take one capsule of Fit Affinity Firm Body Sculptor after every meal. Up to a maximum of three capsules per day.


What is Fit Affinity? Fit Affinity is a range of dietary supplements formulated for women who want to lose weight. They are designed to be used together for maximum all round results or alternatively you can use them individually to target specific areas.  

How to take Fit Affinity? Take two capsules of the fat burner with breakfast OR before exercise with food. Take two capsules of Tight Tummy with breakfast. (You can take two capsules three times a day with meals if you are feeling very bloated). Take one capsule of Body Sculptor after meals, up to three times a day.

Who should use Fit Affinity? Fit Affinity should be used by women who are trying to lose weight and reduce bloating.

How much does Fit Affinity cost? Fit Affinity costs $79.99 for the pack of three supplements with 90 capsules each.

Is Fit Affinity safe? Fit Affinity is a relatively new product and is not approved by the FDA. However the ingredients used in the products are natural and widely available. As long as you use according to directions Fit Affinity should be safe to use.

Is Fit Affinity legal? Yes, Fit Affinity is legal.

Where to buy Fit Affinity? Fit Affinity can be purchased via their official website or from Amazon.

Do they ship Fit Affinity worldwide? Yes, Fit Affinity does ship worldwide when ordered from their website.

Does Fit Affinity really work? Fit Affinity contains well known active ingredients that have been clinically proven to have beneficial effects for weight loss, appetite suppression and digestive health. Individual results will always vary.

How long do you have to take Fit Affinity before seeing results? Individual results will differ from person to person. If used in combination with a healthy diet and exercise program you could see results within one month.

Are there any Fit Affinity alternatives? Leanbean.


There is evidence to suggest the ingredients in Fit Affinity can help burn fat, reduce the appetite and help support digestive health.

However, Fit Affinity may not be suitable for everyone. One of the core ingredients included in every supplement is high in caffeine, which means those with sensitivities may not be able to use it.

Overall, Fit Affinity is a unique pack of supplements which have the potential to assist you reach your health and weight loss goals.

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Ranking the best medical alert systems of 2018

Medical alert systems are made to alert emergency response services when you have a medical emergency in your home.

As loved ones get older and their health begins to fail, it can be difficult to face the realization that you can’t always be there to help when it’s needed.

A medical alert system can give you peace of mind, and give your loved one a lifeline if they have a fall or a medical emergency and can’t reach help.

Since these systems are worn on your body, it’s far easier to reach help compared to a phone–which might be a long ways from a fall in the shower, for example.

There are a lot of possible options for medical alert systems; we’ve done the research and ranked the ten best.

1. Medical Guardian

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Medical Guardian is a medical alert system that goes above and beyond by bolstering the water resistance of their wearable button, integrating their devices with wifi and cellular communication at the same time, including automatic fall detection, and on top of all of that, providing a 1300 foot communication range between the wearable help button and the base unit.

This makes it great for seniors who like to get outside and work in the yard, and who stay fairly mobile in and around the home.

2. MobileHelp

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MobileHelp is on the cutting edge of medical alert and monitoring systems for seniors. Their MobileVitals Duo system includes bluetooth-based monitoring of blood pressure, weight, pulse, and blood oxygenation, as well as medication reminders.

It can track your activity levels, too, providing caregivers with information on how well you are maintaining your independence.

If you’re the caregiver for a senior and you want as much health data as possible, MobileHelp is definitely the best option. For seniors trying to set up a medical alert system on their own, the complexity might be overwhelming, though.

3. QMedic

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QMedic uses advanced wearable technology to track your daily activity habits, your sleep, and can automatically alert a designated caregiver if you start showing signs of disruptions in your sleep and activity habits.

This puts it above many other medical alert systems, because by doing this, it might be able to prevent a medical problem before it happens.

It’s also got an excellent communication range of 1000 feet, so it’s good for yard work and time spent outside of the home too.

4. Bay Alarm Medical

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Bay Alarm Medical is widely lauded for its versatility, reliability, and excellent customer service. They offer GPS tracking, making it a good option for seniors who still get out of the house a good bit.

Their devices also boast automatic fall detection capabilities, and this combined with the excellent reliability and mobile network abilities make it the best option for the highly active senior who want a safety net in case something happens inside or outside the home.

5. ResponseNow

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ResponseNow has one of the best mobile options on the market. The cellular-network connected mobile device offers 30 days of battery life on a single charge, while the GPS-enabled version has a still-respectable 5 day battery life (mostly due to the extra charge taken by the GPS tracking).

They are pendant based, which does mean you have to wear them around your neck. There is automatic fall detection on the GPS-enabled Belle+ model, but not the basic version with the longer battery life.

6. Lifestation

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LifeStation offers medical alert services in 240 languages, so it’s hard to find a senior who won’t be comfortable using it. It’s also very easy to get a refund, making it a good choice for seniors who are hard of hearing, in case they find they can’t hear the unit from the next room over.

If you find that you can’t hear the voice system very well in your home, it’s not hard to get your money back. GPS tracking and fall detection are both available as a low-cost monthly add-on.

7. One Call Alert

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One Call Alert offers both mobile and landline-based options for medical alerts, and it has automatic fall detection available on all of its models.

The range of the wearable help button with the home base unit is a respectable 600 feet–not the best on the market, but still solid for seniors who want an extra layer of security while out in the garage, mowing the lawn, or working in the garden.

8. Life Alert

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Life Alert is a long-standing brand in medical alert systems. They are best known for their home-based landline medical alert system, but the company has branched out into GPS-based devices for medical alerts and tracking outside of the home.

Life Alert does not currently offer fall detection, but does have the perk of an impressive 10-year lifetime on the battery in the home units.

9. GreatCall

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GreatCall is a medical alert system that only offers mobile-based medical alert devices that use cellular networks to communicate with emergency service.

It offers fall detection and offers emergency services communications in over 100 languages, making it a good choice for seniors whose first language isn’t English.

The downside is that the battery life of the mobile units is only about 24 hours, which is less than stellar–you have to charge the device every single day.

10. Alert1

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Alert1 offers a traditional home-based system that uses a wearable pendant to summon help, and the company also offers a mobile system that can detect falls even outside of the home.

However, the flagship mobile unit is also designed to be worn around the neck, and it’s fairly bulky. This could prove to be a problem, as it may be inconvenient to wear on a regular basis.

Medical alert system benefits

A medical alert system is a wearable device that either connects to emergency services through a home-based unit or directly via a cellular or wifi network.

Medical alert systems can connect you to help immediately. With the push of a button, you can summon emergency services if you have an accident or a medical emergency. Medical alert systems used to be mostly for seniors confined to the home, because traditional systems were tied to base units connected to landline telephone communications.

But with the advent of widespread cellular network coverage, medical alert systems can be taken anywhere. The best services offer waterproof wearable devices that can summon help whether you are in the shower, on a walk, or at the park.

In-home systems have evolved, too–many offer automatic reminders for medication, as well as advanced sensors that track sleep quality, physical activity levels, and even blood pressure.

Many of these systems can synchronize to online or mobile apps to provide you or your caregivers with detailed health information. The range of the best home-based systems have improved markedly, too: with several companies offering ranges of 1000 feet or more, you can use these medical alert systems when you are out in the yard or working in the garage.

There are two primary types: home-based and mobile-based medical alert systems. The choice of a home-based or a mobile-based medical alert system is dependent on a number of factors, including how mobile you are, where you are likely to have a medical emergency, and what type of information your caregivers need.

For seniors who don’t get out of the house much on their own, a mobile-based service doesn’t make a lot of sense. Mobile based units have worse battery life by a long ways, and home-based systems can track things like physical activity and sleep quality with greater ease, given that battery life doesn’t need to be spent on cellular network communication.

For seniors who do get out of the house, a mobile system may still be too much of a hindrance, and it might make sense to go with a home-based system if you’re accompanied by other people or by caregivers while you are outside of the home.

However, if you really want to maintain your independence, a mobile based system is definitely the way to go. If you enjoy walking your dog, taking a stroll around the neighborhood, or visiting the local park, you shouldn’t let fear (on your part or one of your caregivers) of a medical emergency hinder your freedom.

While mobile systems are bulkier and have shorter battery lives, the amount of independence they offer you is far beyond what you can get with a home-based system.

Seniors at risk for falls and medical emergencies can benefit the most from medical alert systems. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Americans aged 65 and older are susceptible to many causes of death that can be prevented with timely medical intervention (1).

Heart disease and “unintentional injury” are two of the top ten causes of death for Americans 65 and older, and the category of “unintentional injury” is dominated by accidental falls (2). While falling down is no problem when you are young, the same is not true as you get older.

Because bones become more frail as you age, and because your balance deteriorates, falls tend to be much more serious and cause much greater injuries. Falls, heart attacks, and strokes can be particularly problematic because it’s often not possible to summon help, even when the phone is just in the next room.

Getting a medical alert system can be especially beneficial for seniors who are at greater risk for falls. Since falls often cause permanent disability or death, they are a well-researched and fairly well-understood problem.

Research by Laurence Z. Rubenstein at UCLA School of Medicine examined a range of scientific studies to uncover the most important risk factors for falls among seniors (3).

His review of the scientific research identified the most common risk factors as muscular weakness (also known as frailty), unsteadiness while walking, cognitive decline, and some medications that affect alertness and coordination.

A study of seniors living independently in New England led to additional findings on potential risk factors for falls in senior citizens (4).

Over 300 seniors were enrolled in a study by researchers at Yale University and were followed for one year. During that time, 108 of the seniors fell at least once.

By examining the measurements the researchers took at the study’s outset, the researchers were able to determine what factors increased the risk of falling, and by how much.

This study identified medications–specifically sedatives–as the greatest risk factor for falls.

People on sedatives had twenty-eight times the risk of falling compared to people not taking sedatives. Cognitive impairments and lower leg or foot disabilities also increased the risk of falling by 200-500%.

These studies suggest that seniors who are taking sedative medications like barbiturates and sleep aids, as well as those with cognitive impairment, frailty, and lower leg problems would benefit the most from a medical alert system, because they are at a much greater risk of falling compared to seniors who do not have these risk factors.

That’s in addition to the other risk factors that might justify getting a medical alert system, such as a history of heart disease, previous strokes or heart attacks, or seniors who are disabled or cognitively impaired.

Medical Alert System FAQs

Q: How do medical alert systems work?

A: No matter the brand or the type, all medical alert systems are fundamentally tools to put you in touch with emergency services when you need help.

The specifics differ slightly when it comes to home-based or mobile-based systems. A home-based system is connected to the landlines in your house through a base unit. This base unit communicates wirelessly with the wearable alert button, which can be either a wristwatch or a pendant.

These wearable buttons are made so you can even wear them in the shower. If you have a fall or a medical emergency, you can push the button and be connected to emergency services immediately.

The main disadvantage of a home-based system is that the wearable help button doesn’t work once it’s outside the range of the base unit in your home.

A mobile-based medical alert system is not limited by range; it connects directly to cellular networks to connect you to emergency services, so anywhere you’d have cell service, you can get medical help.

Often, these units also incorporate GPS tracking, so emergency services can be directed to your exact location. Mobile-based medical alert services tend to have a much shorter battery life, and the wearable device is usually bulkier and heavier.

Q: How should you choose a medical alert system?

A: When it comes to making a decision on which medical alert system to buy, there are a few key questions to ask. First, is a mobile-based or home-based system the right choice?

Home systems are a good choice for seniors who don’t get outside the house by themselves anymore, because the battery life on their wearable devices is much longer. Some home-based systems offer perks like activity tracking and sleep monitoring.

For seniors who do like to get outside, a mobile-based system is superior. If you are going with a mobile system, you need to check whether the company partners with cell carriers that have service in your area.

Usually, service through one or two major cell providers like AT&T or T-Mobile is available for each medical alert system.

Finally, do you want a simple, foolproof system, or one that offers more features? Many newer devices can track sleep, activity levels, and even display reminders to take medication. These features can be great for some seniors, but overwhelming for others.

Q: What is automatic fall detection?

A: Previously, medical alert systems always required the user to press the “help” button to summon emergency services.

This had a major and obvious drawback: what if you fell and hit your head, or broke your arm and couldn’t reach the help button?

The solution to that problem was to put a sensor inside the wearable help button that can automatically summon help if it detects a fall.

When you fall, the violent collision with the ground creates a rapid deceleration that the sensor can detect. Many of the best brands offer automatic fall detection, which will summon help when you fall.

All medical alert systems with automatic fall detection have a manual shut-off feature to cancel an automatic fall, in case the device goes off accidentally (for example, if you drop it).

Given the clear benefits of fall detection, it should be a standard feature on any medical alert system you’re considering.

Q: Who should wear a medical alert system?

A: While many seniors can benefit from a medical alert system, those who benefit the most are seniors who are at risk of medical emergencies like falls, a heart attack, or a stroke.

A medical alert system is especially helpful when there is a chance you can’t reach a normal telephone if you have an accident or an emergency.

Falls are a classic example of this, but frailty, disability, or being confined to a wheelchair are all additional reasons why someone might not be able to reach help in time, if at all.

A medical alert system can also give peace of mind to your loved ones, even if you are healthy and independent. It can be hard for caregivers to give seniors autonomy when they are worried about their well-being, so getting a medical alert system can be a good way to preserve your independence without giving your loved ones something to worry about.

Q: How long does it take to get help from a medical alert system?

A: According to independent testing, most medical alert systems will connect you to an operator within a minute. The quickest responses can be 20 seconds or less.

Once you are connected, the operator will ask you if you are okay, and if you need help, they will relay your information to emergency responders. From here, the response time varies depending on how close you are to an ambulance or hospital.

Q: Are medical alert systems waterproof?

A: All the best wearable help buttons from top medical alert systems are waterproof and can be worn in the shower. Indeed, they should be worn in the shower, because it’s a common location for falls and accidents.

Falls are so common that even simple interventions such as having grab railings installed are known to reduce the risk of injury from falls, providing further evidence that medical alert systems should be worn in the shower (5).

Q: Are medical alert systems available for people who don’t speak English?

A: Many medical alert systems have arrangements with their call managers to have multilingual assistance available.

Some of the best providers have a variety of translators who speak over 100 languages, making it easy to find a medical alert system that can cater to the needs of many different seniors from many different backgrounds.


A medical alert system is an easy and painless way to get yourself or someone you love an extra safety net for independent living.

The biggest decision to make is whether to go with a home-based system or a mobile system. This decision is going to be dictated by how independent you are and how often you get out of the home by yourself. If you leave the home infrequently and only in the care of others, you’re a good candidate for a home-based system.

However, if you are still fairly independent and like to get outside the house or if you travel frequently, a mobile medical alert system is definitely the right choice.

Seniors who are at risk for heart disease, falls, and other medical emergencies and seniors who live alone are especially good candidates for getting medical alert systems.

Given the peace of mind that they can grant to you or your caregivers, a medical alert system is well worth the investment for many seniors.

Leanbean full review – just a scam or legit fat burner?

Leanbean is a new type of weight loss supplement known as a female fat burner. In contrast to some other products on the market, Leanbean is made out of 100% natural ingredients and does not include stimulants.

In this Lean bean fat burner review, we’ll give you a complete picture of the effectiveness of this dietary supplement. We’ll cover the ingredients and the scientific effects of this fat burner, check out real lean bean before and after results and let you know about the best discounts and lean bean coupon codes.

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Furthermore we’ll answer some of the most common questions:

  • How does it work?
  • What’s in it?
  • Is it safe?
  • Is it more effective for women?

The benefits of Leanbean

The early signs for Leanbean are promising as this fat loss supplement uses an all-natural formula, with many of Leanbean’s ingredients being extracted from plants and spices. This clean fat burner provides powerful energy and has even been used by athletes including pro surfer and model, Bree Kleintop.

There’s also next to no caffeine which makes it much safer for women who are usually sensitive to supplements. 

Some of the standout benefits:

  • Uses only natural ingredients
  • Targets the resilient fat on the legs, buttocks, and tummy
  • Burns fat without muscle loss
  • Increases metabolism
  • Specially designed for women
  • Made to suppress cravings
  • Used by pro athletes

Here’s the kicker:

Your body might already be well-toned, but that won’t be obvious if your legs, tummy, and buttocks are carrying extra fat.

A good female fat burner supplement like Leanbean will help you lose fat without losing muscle mass as well. Some other fat burners that contain laxatives and diuretics will reduce the muscle mass as well, and that’s not something women want at all.

Be aware, there isn’t a fat burner out there that can claim to the work overnight. The manufacturer recommends taking Leanbean in conjunction with a healthy lifestyle. So right from the start, you have a clear view of how this product can help. If you exercise regularly and eat right, the supplement will help you get rid of the unwanted fat faster than usual.

How does Leanbean work?

Now that you’ve seen the benefits of Leanbean, you might be wondering if this is just a hype or if the product can really accomplish what it’s supposed to. How can it produce all of these benefits?

We explain how it works below.

One of the most important effects Leanbean has on your body is raising metabolism. By doing this the supplement stimulates fat loss. As research says that a high metabolism might be even more helpful for fat loss than working out. When your metabolism is high, your body uses more energy at all times, no matter what you do. So your body will be using at least some energy when you’re doing normal things like driving or working at the office.


Just because the supplement can raise your metabolism and uses more energy doesn’t mean that you shouldn’t work-out. You should help your body shed more fat by keeping your exercise routine constant. In fact the extra energy supplied by a good fat burner will make exercise less taxing. And the more you exercise the faster you will see results!

How do appetite suppressants work?

Another way Leanbean helps is by suppressing your appetite. This product contains no less than four appetite suppressants. The suppressants include fiber that will fill up in your stomach. As a result, you won’t eat as much as you would because you won’t feel as hungry. It also uses garcinia cambogia which was made famous on the Dr OZ show for its active role in appetite suppression.

Now, the supplement’s goal is not to make you starve yourself, but it helps you avoid the need to snack between meals and it will prevent sugar binges that might affect your long-term goals.

These things mean Leanbean will help you tone your body. By increasing your metabolism, suppressing your cravings, and giving you an energy boost necessary for a good workout routine, this supplement facilitates fat loss without decreasing your muscle mass. If you eat right and exercise regularly.

Leanbean ingredients and supplement facts

You’re probably wondering what natural ingredients can offer these benefits. Here’s what Leanbean contains:

  1. Glucomannan – a natural dietary fiber that is extracted from the root of the Konjac plant. This fiber passes relatively unchanged through the stomach and reaches our colon. Once there, the glucomannan will absorb up to 50 times its weight in water, making you feel full and therefore limiting your appetite (1).
  2.       Green Tea – Often considered the healthiest drink in the world. Green tea contains a lot of catechins that have a positive effect on weight loss. Long-term green tea consumption can lead to a significant improvement of your body’s fat oxidation. In addition to catechins, green tea also contains a small amount of caffeine that acts as a fat-burning stimulant (2).
  3. Turmeric – Contains a very powerful antioxidant called curcumin. Curcumin contains ‘cytokines’ that can help with treating the low-grade inflammation usually seen in overweight people. Moreover, turmeric supplements will reduce the cholesterol and triglycerides levels in your body and increase your metabolic rate, stimulating fat burning. The absorption of curcumin is helped further by piperine or black pepper (3).
  4. Cayenne Pepper – Most likely included because it includes active ingredient named capsaicin. Capsaicin is the compound that gives the cayenne pepper its spiciness, it can increase your metabolic rate by up to 20%, meaning quicker weight loss. In addition, capsaicin boosts the levels of adiponectin in your body, which is a fat-burning hormone (4).
  5.  Green Coffee – The consumption of green coffee extract significantly decreases body weight gain and improves the amount of fat stored in your liver by regulating the release of adiponectin and leptin, two fat-burning hormones (5).
  6. Piperine – Piperine is extracted from black pepper and it’s the element that gives black pepper its specific taste. It suppresses the body’s fat-storing instinct by disrupting the normal activity of the genes that determine the formation of new fat cells. By limiting the body’s ability to create new fat cells, piperine produces a fat burning effect. Moreover, piperine helps the body better absorb other top weight loss ingredients  like curcumin (6).

How do you use Leanbean?

You should take Leanbean four times a day. This means taking the first capsule with breakfast, the second one before lunch, the third in the afternoon, and the last one before your evening meal. Doing it like this means you get the most out of each capsule and you maximize their effects.

Of course, another advantage of spreading the dose is that the Konjac fibre in the capsules will partially fill your stomach, so you will feel less hungry at all times.

Thanks to its mild stimulating effect, Leanbean will make you feel less tired and more energetic. If you go to the gym a lot and are well used to stimulants then taking two before training sessions is advised.

The pros of using Leanbean

  • Increases your metabolism
  • Includes over 1500mg of natural fat burners
  • Reduces your appetite and suppresses cravings
  • Doesn’t contain stimulants – so no risk to health
  • Boosts your energy levels
  • Burns fat without reducing muscle mass

The cons of using Leanbean

  • You have to take 4 capsules per day, three of which before meals
  • There isn’t a Lean bean coupon, for discounts you need to buy more months.

Leanbean fat burner reviews

Living up to its name as one of the top fat burners around Leanbean has helped many of its customers create positive change to their bodies.

Here are some examples:

Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

How do you take Leanbean?

Four capsules a day taken individually. You can double up and take two capsules before a gym session.

Where do you buy Leanbean and how much does it cost?

You can only buy Leanbean direct from the brand (click here to go to their website). The manufacturer’s website gives you the possibility to select a fast checkout by paying through PayPal or Amazon Pay. Buying through the manufacturer’s office helps you avoid the extra cost of retail stores.

Does Leanbean have coupons?

You won’t find single box discounts but they do have some attractive promotions:

There are three packages to choose from:

  • Bikini Body Bundle – You pay for 3 bottles of Leanbean and you get one free. As a bonus, you get a free e-book workout guide and benefit from free worldwide delivery.  This bundle costs $185. The servings for one day would cost $1.54
  • Two Month’s Supply – You pay for 2 bottles of Leanbean and benefit from free shipping in the USA and UK. This package costs $118. The servings for one day would cost $1.96
  • One Month’s Supply – You pay for a single bottle of Leanbean. This package costs $59. The servings for one day would cost $1.96

Can you buy Leanbean on Amazon?

Buyers should be aware, you can only find the real thing on the official Leanbean website. If you’re looking for Leanbean on Amazon then you’ll most likely be buying a ‘copycat’ product or fake.

How quickly does Leanbean work?

Leanbean has been responsible for some phenomenal transformations. Take a look at some of the genuine Leanbean reviews online. The speed of results really do depend on how much work the user is putting in though. You do need to take the product as directed by the company and in line with serious training and eating schedule.

How does Leanbean work without caffeine?

It use spices like Cayenne pepper to push up your metabolism safely. It also supplies a higher number of appetite suppressants than regular fat burners.

Does Leanbean ship worldwide?

There’s not many countries where you can’t get the Leanbean fat burner. A small number of countries are exempt due to customs restrictions.

Leanbean vs Instant Knockout?

There are number of different fat burners serving different types of customers in the market. Instant Knockout has been used by cage fighters before fights, Leanbean stands out as the best choice for women and has been used by professional bikini models and surfers.


This Leanbean review should have given you a clear insight on why we consider it to be one of the best products in the female fat burner section of the market. Based on its ingredients and their effects we believe that Leanbean is a safe and effective supplement for fat loss.

Leanbean is a ‘gmp’ certified fat burner which makes the overall cost a bit higher than other weight loss products. The good news is that this translates into a better quality product.

click here to buy Leanbean online

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Relacore review: The ultimate fat burning kit?

Relacore ReviewRelacore is a weight loss pill that claims to specifically help you lose abdominal fat.

The theory behind: To focus on reducing levels of stress hormones, targeting the cause of abdominal fat and help shift it.  

Relacore is also meant to help improve mood, lower anxiety, boost energy and fight fatigue.

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The manufacturers of Relacore claims it works by reducing the stress hormones  that may cause someone to hold on to abdominal fat.

It also claims to improve general mood and energy levels.

Relacore is not specific about how it blocks stress, or which exact ingredient has this effect.

In fact, the Relacore website does not make the full ingredient list available. We had to find this information elsewhere.

Some of the ingredients in Relacore are commonly used such as asian ginseng – whereas others, like chinese skullcap root, are more obscure.

With this in mind, we will now investigate the benefits of Relacore in more detail:

Burns Fat

Relacore says it can help you to lose weight all over the body, but that it specifically targets abdominal fat.

Our bodies store fat when we consume more calories than we are using up, or ‘burning off’ through activity and bodily functions.

Relacore claims that it reduces abdominal fat by blocking the stress hormone cortisol.

There is some evidence that cortisol can contribute to fat being stored around the abdominal area. (1)

Boosts Energy

When we are trying to lose weight, this almost always means restricting our food and calorie intake.

But of course, when we are eating less, we are also reducing our sources of energy.

People on low calorie diets often experience fatigue as a result of their limited energy intake.

Low energy can interfere with your diet and exercise plans. If you feel too tired you could miss your gym session or exercise class, slowing down your progress.

Relacore says it can help boost energy levels and keep you feeling on form.

We found some energy boosting ingredients such as ginseng that have been proven to increase energy to some degree. (2)

Improves Mood

When we are trying to lose weight we change our diets to lower fat foods. Whilst this is a great way to lose pounds, there is evidence it can negatively affect our moods. (3)

Furthermore, constantly worrying about what you eat and managing cravings could raise levels of the stress hormone cortisol. (4)

Cortisol has been shown to affect where the body lays down fat reserves, resulting in more abdominal fat. (5)

Relacore says it can reduce stress and therefore block the action of cortisol, freeing up abdominal fat to be burned for energy.

It includes passion flower and magnolia bark extracts for which have anti stress effects upon the body. (6, 7)


Relacore is a formula which includes a mixture of vitamins and minerals along side a proprietary blend of other herbs and extracts.

Here is some more information on the most significant ones:


Thiamine is a B-vitamin that is found in many foods including yeast, cereal grains, beans, nuts, and meat.

It is critical for the growth and development of the body cells.

We did find evidence that deficiencies in thiamine have been shown to have a correlation with weight gain. (8)


Riboflavin is another B Vitamin commonly found in Milk products and fortified breakfast cereals. It plays a role in helping the body convert food into energy.

There have been studies which suggest a deficiency in Riboflavin can contribute to a depressive mood. (9)

However, deficiency in Riboflavin is extremely rare in the USA.

Pantothenic Acid

Pantothenic acid is also known as vitamin B5. It is found in many foods but in high quantities in beef liver, avocado, sunflower seeds, duck, salmon and eggs.

It is an essential nutrient to the human body – required for the synthesis of the coenzyme ‘coenzyme-A’ or CoA.

CoA is used by the body for many functions but most notably in the oxidation of fatty acids. It produces chemical reactions which creates energy for bodily processes. (10)

Pantothenic acid has also been seen to play an important role in the reduction of cholesterol levels. (11)

Furthermore, there is some evidence from animal trials that pantothenic acid can assist in coping with stress. This is because pantothenic acid has a role in the regulation of adrenal function and the stress hormone cortisol. (12)

Passion Flower

Passion Flower was discovered by Spanish explorers in Peru in 1569. They thought that the beautiful purple and white flowers symbolized Christ’s passion.

Passion flower is commonly found in combination with other herbal products. It has been used all over the world as a treatment for stress and anxiety.

There is evidence that passion flower can promote calmness due to its sedative properties. (13)

Magnolia Bark

Magnolia bark has been used for centuries in traditional Chinese medicine for its relaxing and neuroprotective properties.

It has sedative effects and has been used as treatment for depression and anxiety disorders.

Studies have shown that magnolia bark can reduce cortisol exposure and mitigate stress related health issues. (14)

Asian Ginseng

Ginseng is one of the most popular and well known supplements in the world.It is a short plant which grows very slowly and has unusually fleshy roots.

The Chinese have been drinking ginseng as a tea to promote vitality and energy for around 5000 years.

Studies have shown that ginseng has effective anti-fatigue properties. This may be due to the levels of antioxidants it contains. (15)

Chinese Skullcap Root

Chinese skullcap root comes from the same family as the mint plant.

Skullcap is a thin, tall plant with many stems reaching about four feet high. In the summertime it blooms small blue flowers that look like a cap – which lead to its unusual name.

Over centuries, Chinese skullcap has been used as a nerve tonic to assist in the relief of stress and anxiety.

Studies have shown that the plant contains “anxiolytic” (stress relieving) effects. (16)

Side Effects

Although all the ingredients in Relacore are of natural origin, of course this does not mean there is a zero risk of side effects.

Some of the potential side effects of using Relacore are: flu-like symptoms, headaches, nausea, confusion and dizziness.

Some of the ingredients may interact with sleeping medications and antidepressants.

As with any supplement, if you are taking medication check with your physician regarding any interactions before starting to take Relacore.

Recommended Dosage

The recommended dosage for Relacore is one capsule three times per day with water.


How do you take Relacore? One Relacore capsule should be taken three times a day with water.

Who should use Relacore? Relacore is aimed at people who are trying to reduce stress and lose stubborn stomach fat.

How much does Relacore cost? $59.95

Is Relacore safe? Relacore should be safe for healthy individuals if taken according to directions. There is a risk that those ingredients that have a sedative, anti-anxiety effect could negatively interact with some medications. If you are currently taking any medication, especially antidepressants or sleeping pills, consult with your physician.  

Is Relacore legal? Yes, Relacore is legal.

Where to buy Relacore? You can purchase relacore from their official website or from Walmart, Walgreens or on Amazon.

Do they ship Relacore worldwide? No, Relacore is not shipped worldwide.

Does Relacore really work? It is difficult to say if Relacore really works. There is a lack of scientific explanation for many of the ingredients. It is not usually possible to spot reduce body fat in a particular area of the body. Although it does include ingredients that reduce stress, and therefore cortisol, we are not sure that this would be enough to have the effect that it claims upon belly fat.

How long do you have to take Relacore before seeing results? There is a study quoted on the Relacore website which states participants lost an average of 15.6% body fat and 11.5 lbs in 12 weeks. Individual results will always vary.


Relacore makes very bold claims on their website but lacks substance when it comes to support them.

The website is all about what Relacore can apparently achieve, but not how it will achieve it.

For example, Relacore states that it is only an “add-on” for your current weight loss plan and exercise regime. But then also claims that Relacore can effectively reduce belly fat.

Also, we had to find the ingredient list elsewhere online as they were not displayed on the official website. This is not transparent or particularly encouraging.

That said, it is true that these ingredients do have some clinical support regarding their effectiveness in reducing stress and boosting energy. We had to make these connections ourselves though, as Relacore did not explain the functionality behind the product for us.

Therefore, whilst we have found a scientific connection between cortisol and belly fat, we are not convinced that spot reduction to the amount Relacore claims is possible.

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Leptigen review: The all-natural weight loss supplement

Leptigen ReviewLeptigen is an all natural weight loss supplement that helps people accelerate weight loss.

It’s geared to help people through boosting metabolism and smashing through weight loss plateaus.

The Leptigen formula is based around quality ingredients which have been heavily researched for their weight loss properties.

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Leptigen is made up of four all natural ingredients: green tea extract, chromium, caffeine and a blend of two herbal compounds trademarked as meratrim.

Leptigen is designed to benefit the body in the following ways.

Improves Metabolism

Your metabolism is a gateway to weight loss.

However, one problem surrounding diets is that when you are trying to lose weight your body kicks in a defense mechanism. It’s slows everything down – including your metabolic rate.

You could explain weight loss in a simple equation: less calories in plus a higher metabolism equals reduction in weight.

The theory behind Leptigen is to use ingredients which raise the metabolic rate and cancel out the slow down. This means you will still be using fuel efficiently during weight loss.

Boosting your metabolism also means that, even while at resting, you can burn more calories.

Enhances Fat Loss

Leptigen also promotes fat loss which works hand in hand with your metabolism.

Combine your diet with the fact Leptigen helps you to burn calories more efficiently. This means your body will soon search for energy from other available sources.

The general concept is that your body will start to breakdown and burn the fat which  you have accumulated.

Regulates Blood Sugar Levels

Leptigen also helps to balance out blood sugar levels to improve weight control.

Your blood sugar level is dependant on the amount of glucose consumed from the foods you eat. This then circulates throughout the bloodstream to either be stored for later use or to provide energy to cells within the body.

Keeping your blood sugar levels balanced is important as it will regulate your hormones. This then encourages your body to burn stored fat as well as increase your metabolism – helping you to lose weight.

Also,if your sugars levels are out of balance it often leads to a sudden drop in energy. This results in cravings for high energy food sources, like carbs or sweet treats.  

Steady blood sugar levels will  mean you don’t experience those “spikes” and “crashes”. This will also help you make more healthier food choices and stop the urge for snacks too.


Leptigen consists of four active natural ingredients, of which one is a patented blend of plant extracts. Here’s the information in more detail:

Green Tea Extract

Green tea extract derives from the popular beverage. It’s one of the  healthiest drinks on the planet because of its high antioxidant content.  

Similar to caffeine, green tea has thermogenic properties – enhancing the metabolic rate.

It can even offset the drop in metabolic rate through the prime phase of dieting. Green tea makes sure your body still uses energy efficiently in times of calorie deficit. (1)

Green tea and caffeine have proven to work in synergy with each other which intensifies  the overall fat burning benefits. This combination can streamline the breakdown of fat stores whilst helping to retain muscle. (2)

Green tea is also particularly effective when combined with exercise. Not only can it lift energy levels but it also continues to encourage fat burning long after exercise is over. (3, 4)


Meratrim is a patented blend made from two plant-based compounds: Garcinia mangostana and sphaeranthus indicus flower.

Garcinia mangostana is also known as mangsteen, it’s a fruit originating from asia and used in traditional treatments against stomach pain, diarrhea, ulcers and even dysentery. (5)

Sphaeranthus indicus or otherwise called east indian globe thistle is a plant heavily used in ayurvedic medicine. It’s commonly used as a remedy for a diverse range of conditions: epilepsy, mental illness, jaundice, diabetes and even leprosy. (6)

There is research to suggest the combination of these two plant based compounds instigate weight loss.

Results indicated supplementing meratrim increases a reduction in weight significantly greater when compared to weight loss from diet and exercise alone. (7)

In eight weeks volunteers saw a weight reduction of 5.2kg. Blood sugar levels also improved by 12.2 percent and cholesterol 13.8 percent. (8)

However, this is a standalone study and no long term studies on the effects of meratrim have been undertaken.

Chromium (ChromeMate)

Chromium is a trace mineral, which means we need it but in smaller amounts compared to others like calcium or magnesium. However, it’s involved in a number of bodily functions and processes.

Chromium can enhance the activity of insulin, which plays a big role in controlling blood sugar levels. (9)

A steady level of blood sugar would also suggest a link to reducing appetite and the curb of cravings for starchy and sweet foods. (10)

Chromium can also play a part in the regulating the metabolism of carbohydrates and fats. This is how the body processes foods for fuel, which is also linked to insulin activity. (11)

In fact, chromium could help to reduce body fat and increase lean muscle. However,  other studies suggest different and claim it doesn’t affect weight loss results at all. (12)


Caffeine is a very common ingredient when it comes to weight loss supplements.

Over 73 percent of athletes believe caffeine improves athletic performance and is often known for its “pre-workout” status. (13,14).

In terms of performance, caffeine can improve overall endurance in some cases by just over 12 percent. If you can exercise for longer this will ultimately help you achieve weight loss goals much faster. (15)

Caffeine increases your adrenaline level and can also raise your metabolic rate (16,17).

This can intensify the quantity of energy burned. It also triggers your body to release fat (from fat tissues) to make it accessible for use.

Caffeine can also increase your mental state. It can improve reaction times, alertness, focus and motivation. (18)

Side Effects

When it comes to Leptigen side effects, there have been no clinical studies testing the Leptigen formula as a whole.  

However, when investigating the all natural supplement by individual ingredients we found the following information:


The common side effects of excessive caffeine consumption are well documented.

You could experience: dehydration, frequent urination, headaches, digestive issues, increased heart rate, lightheadedness, sleep problems, anxiety and jitteriness. (19)

Green Tea

Green tea is considered safe when consumed in moderate amounts, however it does naturally contain caffeine. This means you could experience similar side effects as stated above with excess intake.  

Green tea could also interact with certain medications relating to high blood pressure or other heart related conditions. (20)


Few adverse reactions have been reported with chromium. However it can interact with various medications which may interfere with chromium absorption or the medication itself. (21)


Studies have shown the herbal blend is a well tolerated combination.This means there are no known side effects associated with supplementing meratrim. (22)

Recommended Dosage

Leptigen recommend taking just two capsules per day, 30 minutes before meals.

As long as you do not exceed the two capsules, you have option to take both before breakfast or lunch (due to the caffeine content it’s not advisable to take in the evening).

The other alternative is to split the dosage and take one capsule before breakfast and another before lunch.

Leptigen also recommends combining this supplement alongside a daily routine of physical activity.


What is Leptigen? Leptigen is a dietary supplement aimed at burning body fat to help you achieve weight loss goals.

Where can I buy Leptigen? Leptigen is listed for purchase through Amazon. Unfortunately their official website is no longer active due to the discontinuation of the dietary supplement. Leptigen GNC and Leptigen Walmart are also not available.

Does Leptigen work for weight loss? With the Leptigen ingredients and clinical studies behind them, Leptigen can work for weight loss if used correctly. However, you should always keep in mind that every body reacts differently to products.

How much does Leptigen cost? Depends. The packages can range from $90 for a 90 day supply to $110 for a Lipozene Starter Weight Loss Kit.

How long does Leptigen take to work? From the outset you should be able to feel the increased energy however each body differs. You should complete the course and can expect to see visible results by the time you finish.

How to take Leptigen Leptigen advise to take 2 capsules per day, 30 minutes before meals. Also perform daily exercise.

Who should use Leptigen? Both Men and women can use Leptigen however with all supplements we advise to seek medical advice before taking anything new. Furthermore, seek advise if you are pregnant or breastfeeding – due to caffeine content.

Is Leptigen safe? With the Leptigen ingredients being all natural, Leptigen is a safe product to use subject to you following the recommended dosage.

Is Leptigen legal? Yes, Leptigen is legal.

Are there any Leptigen alternatives? The alternative to Leptigen is now called Burn HD.


It’s clear this supplement has the basis of quality ingredients which also come with decent scientific research to back up the claims of weight loss.

However, there will be some cause for concern for those surrounding the side effects of caffeine.

Reactions like sleep problems, headaches and increased heart rate could mean the supplement has more cons than pros – especially if you are sensitive to those kind of  effects.

It’s also might not suitable for people with certain pre-existing heart related conditions due to the interactions with medications green tea has.

Any supplement is not a miracle cure for weight loss. Leptigen may help you speed up results but you will still have to follow a well balanced low calorie diet and exercise regime to lose that weight.

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