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Ranking the best mass gainers of 2017

Many hard-gainers and people who struggle putting on mass use a mass gainer to help build muscle.

There are a lot of reasons you might want to put on mass–extra muscle is useful for athletic performance, overall strength and power.

The core ingredients are always high-energy density foods, like starches and proteins, but different mass gaining supplements target different processes of the muscle gaining process.

Some provide the protein and amino acids that are the building blocks of muscle, while others try to more directly stimulate your body’s muscular growth pathways, signaling it to increase muscle fiber synthesis. We’ve gone through the best mass gainers on the market and ranked them according to their effectiveness.

1. Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass

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The incredibly popular Optimum Nutrition Serious Mass does a fantastic job of not neglecting micronutrients. Too often, mass gainers get caught up in “macro,” trying to ensure the carb, fat, and protein ratios are right, but forget that your body needs vitamins and minerals too.

Not this one. Optimum Nutrition practically puts a multivitamin into every serving of Serious Mass; your daily requirements for most vitamins and minerals are met or exceeded in one 1250 calorie serving.

The sugar content, 20 grams per serving, is somewhat high, but at least there are 4 grams of dietary fiber to slow the sugar-rush a bit. The protein comes from a blend of whey, egg, and milk protein, which is nice for variety, but it does rule out more people who have dietary restrictions.

2. MHP Up Your Mass

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If you want to shift your macronutrient intake strongly towards protein, MHP’s Up Your Mass does it best. Even though each serving only has about 800 calories, each one has 62 grams of protein.

You’d need almost twice as high of a caloric content of most other mass gainers to get as much protein. In addition, it’s also got lots in the way of vitamins and minerals.

Extras like medium-chain triglycerides and omega-3 fatty acids sweeten the deal. On the subject of sweets, though, the sugar content of Up Your Mass is very high considering its lower caloric content, so it’s a better choice for people adding moderate amounts of calories to their diet.

3. BSN True-Mass

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BSN’s True-Mass is another mass gainer that focuses on a greater caloric content coming from protein. At 46 grams per 700 calorie serving, it shifts the caloric balance more strongly away from carbohydrates.

The sugar content is fairly low, and there are a few extras, like medium chain triglyceride powder, but on the whole, this mass gainer does not really distinguish itself in any particular way.

4. Naked Mass

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If you want to go hyper-minimal with your mass gainer, Naked Mass is the way to go. The ingredients list is astonishingly short.

There are only three things in this mass gainer: maltodextrin, whey protein concentrate, and casein. Do keep in mind that you will be lacking the micronutrients that you need (i.e. vitamins and minerals), but you can get them from the rest of your diet.

Another major advantage of Naked Mass is that its sugar content is very low (only five grams per 1250 calorie serving), meaning you can consume a lot of it without worrying about the negative metabolic effects of high sugar consumption. Even when you are trying to gain weight, keeping sugar consumption low is never a bad idea.

5. Mass Tech Extreme 2000

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Mass Tech Extreme 2000 lives up to its name–at the recommended serving size, it delivers nearly 2000 calories by itself, and hits the mark if you add it to a glass of milk.

For a mass gainer with this many calories, its sugar content is very low. Seventeen grams in almost 1900 calories isn’t going to do much harm The protein is also all from whey, which is widely regarded as the highest-quality protein source.

6. MusclePharm Combat XL

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Combat XL from MusclePharm goes pretty heavy on the carbs, with over two-thirds of its weight coming straight from carbohydrates. At 50 grams per serving, the protein content is very solid.

The sugar content (17 grams per serving) isn’t outrageous, but it would be nice if this sugar was offset by a little fiber or more vitamins and minerals. As it stands, the blend is pretty weak on these extras.

7. Dymatize Super Mass Gainer

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Dymatize Super Mass Gainer keeps the macro and micro nutrient content high in their mass gaining supplement.

The protein blend could be a little higher-quality–currently it’s a bend of whey protein concentrate, milk protein isolate,and whey protein isolate, and the sugar content is pretty high at 24 grams. It doesn’t have too many other perks or advantages, so it lends itself very much in the middle of the pack.

8. Body Fortress Mass Gainer

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Body Fortress does what a lot of other mass gainers do, but not quite as well. Its protein content is high, but not as high as the best mass gainers out there.

The same is true for its sugar content–at nine grams per serving, it keeps the metabolic shock low, but other products keep the sugar content even lower.

Its caloric efficiency is not quite as good as some other products out there, and it doesn’t have much in the way of vitamins and minerals. It’s not that Body Fortress is bad; it’s just outclassed by other mass gainers.

9. Champion Performance Heavyweight Gainer 900

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Champion Performance’s Heavyweight Gainer 900 has some solid ingredients, but it misses the mark on a few too many essentials.

The protein content is lower than average, and the sugar content is higher than a lot of better options. It’s got some vitamins and minerals to balance out the macronutrients, but even with this, it’s hard to justify ranking Heavyweight Gainer 900 any higher.

10. Labrada Muscle Mass Gainer

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Bodybuilding champion Lee Labrada’s mass gainer is surprising in that its ingredients aren’t particularly innovative or groundbreaking.

In fact, they seem like pretty much any boilerplate mass gainer: maltodextrin, 50 grams of protein, and a moderate amount of sugar. There isn’t much in the way of extra bonuses, like vitamins, minerals, or supplements that help with mass gain, either.

Mass gainer benefits and side effects

If you want to put on weight (and ideally, muscle too), your normal food intake can become a limiting factor pretty quickly. In natural foods, the caloric content is locked up in plant cells and fiber, so it takes a lot of chewing and digesting to extract the calories.

This is great for people who are trying to lose weight; this is why one of the best things you can do to lose weight is eat natural and raw foods. But if you are trying to gain weight, often you’ll need a mass gainer to give your system the calories it needs to increase your mass as quickly as possible.


There are several things you should look for in a mass gainer that optimize your weight gain with the minimum number of side effects.

Number one is the most simple: the straight-up caloric content. The facts are pretty simple: if you want to gain weight, you have to take in more energy than you expend.

So, if you want to full benefits of hitting your mass gain goals, you need to make sure the caloric content of your mass gainer is high.

Most high quality mass gainers accomplish this by delivering a mixture of maltodextrin (a simple but not overly sweet carbohydrate), protein, and often, fat.

A mass gainer with a relatively high fat content is especially attractive because of the caloric content of fat. It’s got twice as many calories per gram than carbohydrates or protein, so it’s an incredibly efficient energy source for adding mass.

The other two major macronutrients are, of course, carbohydrates and protein. According to recommendations by researchers at McMaster University in Canada, people attempting to gain body mass and maximize muscle mass gains at the same time should aim for approximately 1.7 grams of protein intake per kilogram of (current) body mass (1).

Of course, as your mass gaining program takes effect, your body mass will increase, as will your protein needs. So plan ahead.

The source of protein in your mass gainer could have some effect on the rate at which you gain mass. Protein derived from whey is metabolized faster, and may be slightly more effective at adding muscle mass, compared to soy protein (2).

Soy protein does have a slight edge when it comes to antioxidant protection, but given that mass gaining programs are usually measured in months, not years, the oxidative damage issue is less of a concern (3).

The best possible combination might be whey protein and casein protein, another milk derived protein. This is because whey protein is metabolized quickly, while casein protein is metabolized slowly. These together in combination should keep a steady supply of protein available to your body for mass gain (4).

Speed of metabolic absorption also affects the carbohydrates of choice in a mass gainer. Ideally, you want carbohydrates with a low glycemic index.

This is a measure of how quickly the carbohydrates are absorbed into your body and turned into sugar in your bloodstream. A rush of sugar after a big meal is not healthy; over time it can cause metabolic syndrome and eventually even type two diabetes.

Maltodextrin, the main source of carbs in many mass gainers, has a fairly high glycemic index. To make things even more difficult, other simple carbohydrates, like fructose, have a low glycemic index, but only because the sugar is going straight to your liver instead of your blood.

This leaves you in a tricky spot: you can’t gain mass without a heft carbohydrate intake, but you should still do your best to keep the sugar content and the high glycemic index carbohydrates under control.

One of the ways to do this is via the fiber content: fiber slows down the absorption of carbohydrates in your stomach (5).

This, too, has its drawbacks with mass gainers: too much fiber fills you up, and makes it difficult to eat more. That’s why fiber is such a great supplement for weight loss–it helps your body tamp down on its hunger.

Side Effects

Since mass gainers are really just very efficient macronutrient sources, the only side effects are related to the macronutrients they provide.

The first risk, alluded to earlier, is the metabolic effects of very high carbohydrate intake, especially when it’s high glycemic index carbs.

As reported in the scientific journal Diabetes Care, high intakes of high glycemic index foods over long periods of time is associated with the development of insulin resistance, the classic precursor to metabolic syndrome and type two diabetes (6).

Assuming your mass gain program is not too long, however, this shouldn’t be a major concern. If you are worried about this, choose a mass gainer that is high in fiber and low in carbohydrates.

The other issue you may encounter with mass gainers is constipation, and it’s also related to the high caloric intake relative to the fiber content.

Research consistently demonstrates that low fiber intake is a risk factor for chronic constipation, and mass gainers are perhaps the epitome of a high calorie, low fiber food (7).

To fix this, try taking a fiber supplement at night, right before going to bed. This way, it won’t interfere with your caloric intake goals.

Recommended Dosage

Most online calculators for gaining muscle recommend modest increases in caloric intake, but the scientific literature tells a different story.

To get maximum results, don’t be afraid of a massive increase in caloric intake. One study, published in 2002 in the Journal of Sports Medicine and Physical Fitness, demonstrated that a 2100 Calorie intake increase from a mass gaining supplement resulted in a consistent gain of one pound per week more than a control group on a similar exercise program that did not receive a mass gaining supplement (8).


Gaining mass is all about calories in and calories out. Specifically, you want a lot more coming in than going out.

The best way to do this is with a mass gainer that has a fairly high protein content, including a mix between whey and casein protein.

Do your best to keep the sugar content under control, and don’t be afraid of high doses of a mass gainer if your goal is to put on pounds as quickly as possible.

Ranking the best supplements for men of 2017

Many men take supplements to increase energy levels, muscle growth, testosterone levels and improve their overall health.

Men live shorter lives in large part because of their increased risk for chronic disease like cardiovascular disease and cancer, and men have to worry about the quality of life decline that comes along with the aging-related decrease in testosterone levels.

Many of these issues can be lessened, to some degree, by the right supplements.

With millions of supplements out there, we’ve shortened the best mens supplements to only include the essentials.

We’ve reviewed the most beneficial and most effective supplements a man can take to maintain and even improve his health and well-being.

1. Fish oil

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There aren’t many supplements that everybody should take, but fish oil is one of the few.

There are robust, large-scale studies showing that taking a fish oil supplement every day can help reduce your risk for chronic diseases like heart disease (1) and cognitive decline (2).

When the alternative is trying to find the time to cook fish every day, or allowing yourself to be at a greater risk for disease and mental decline, it’s hard to find a reason not to take fish oil on a regular basis.

2. Protein powder

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Protein is not just for guys trying to pack on muscle. It’s been proven as an effective weight loss supplement too.

By adding a protein supplement to your diet, you can lose fat mass while retaining your muscle mass. On top of that, protein helps induce a sense of satiety, which will keep you from eating more than you should.

3. Testosterone booster

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One of the biggest concerns for men getting into middle age is low testosterone, or “low T.” You’ve probably heard of it.

Fatigue, increased fat mass, a decrease in muscle mass and strength, and worst of all, impotence, erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, and other sexual problems.

All of these are hallmarks of low testosterone.  To fight this, you’ll want a supplement that provides all-around support to keep your testosterone levels high.

4. Green tea extract

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As far as supplements that fight oxidative damage and inflammation, there is nothing better than green tea extract.

Yes, you could get the same benefit from drinking nine or ten cups of tea per day, but for most people, it’s far easier to just take one capsule that contains the optimal dose of green tea extract.

In addition to its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory properties, it’s also one of the most-proven fat-burning supplements out there. Taking something that fights aging, fights chronic disease, and keeps you lean is a no-brainer.

5. Nootropic

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In the age of information, a man’s brain is his most valuable asset. The science is advanced enough now to say with some certainty that a good nootropic supplement can facilitate brain function that’s beyond what you are normally capable of.

If you want to learn faster, remember more, and solve problems more effectively, you need a nootropic supplement as part of your daily routine.

Further, there’s even evidence that many of the compounds in the best nootropic supplements can delay or prevent the cognitive declines that often come along with getting older.

6. Probiotic

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One of the new frontiers in medicine is the field of probiotics–the study of the “good bacteria” that live in our stomach and intestines that, strangely, keep us healthy.

The field has cranked out some shocking findings–for example, that obese people have a different gut bacteria makeup than healthy people, and that if you “transplant” good bacteria into obese people, they’ll actually lose weight.

Probiotics are implicated in a huge number of other health conditions, so all the evidence pouring in indicates that you should be taking one.

7. Vitamin D

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Unless you are living near the equator, there’s a good chance you are vitamin D deficient.

Given vitamin D’s connection with everything from chronic pain to depression and cognitive decline, deficiency in this vital vitamin (which is really a hormone) is not something you want to mess with.

The prevalence of vitamin D deficiency is staggering, especially for people who have jobs that keep them indoors, people with darker skin, and people who live at northern lattitudes.

8. Green superfood drink

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According to the Centers for Disease Control, Less than one in five adults meets their required fruit and vegetable intake (4).

Not only that, according to the US government’s 2015-202 dietary guidelines, these fruits and vegetables are supposed to come from varied types of fruits and vegetables (5).

If you are not always meeting these guidelines (and really, who can?) with a wide range of the best fruits and vegetables, a green superfood drink is a great way to make up for it.

You can put a few scoops of powder into a smoothie, protein shake, or even a glass of water, and get the equivalent of several servings of the best superfoods out there.

9. Multivitamin for men

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If you have a sense that your diet could be better than it is, you might want to consider a multivitamin just as an insurance policy.

It’s easy to fall into the habit of eating the same things over and over, day after day. When you do this, there’s a chance you’ll be deficient in some trace mineral or vitamin that could negatively impact your health.

The odds of major vitamin deficiency are pretty low for people with a reasonable diet, but given that the best multivitamins are both inexpensive and effective, it’s not a bad idea to add one to your daily routine.

10. CLA

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For men who are trying to fight off the fat gains that often come with middle age, conjugated linoleic acid, or CLA, is a good addition to your supplementation routine.

It’s particularly useful for men whose diets restrict them from CLA-rich foods like beef, milk, and eggs. This natural supplement increases your ability to burn fat, as well as increases your ability to retain muscle mass.

Benefits and side effects of supplements for men

Men need to take particular care when setting up their supplementation routine.  Being aware of the specific health and hormonal challenges men face is critical when it comes to setting up your lifestyle to maximize health, fitness, and well-being.  

What’s different about men? First of all, their health is strongly dictated by testosterone and the bodily functions it mediates: muscle mass, sexual health, and even mental well-being are all related to testosterone levels in men.

Secondly, men on the whole have a significantly shorter life expectancy than women.  This is because they are more likely to succumb to the chronic diseases that are the biggest killers in the developed world: heart disease, cancer, and stroke.  

These three are all related to chronic inflammation, oxidative damage, and cardiovascular health.


Supplementation can help men counter the obstacles they face on all of these fronts.  

The right dietary supplement regimen can reduce chronic inflammation, oxidative damage, and the age-related decreases in testosterone and in muscle mass that many men experience as they get into middle age and beyond.  

Fish oil is one of the best supplements for men precisely because it attacks so many of the health problems that men are disproportionately likely to face.  

The evidence for its efficacy is, in short, astounding.  In terms of cardiovascular disease, a scientific statement by the American Heart Association found that consumption of high amounts of fish oil decreased risk of heart disease by half, and decreased risk of sudden death by heart attack by two-thirds (6).  

The omega 3 fatty acids in fish oil are thought to decrease the levels of chemicals in your blood that cause heart disease and artery damage.

In terms of mental well-being, a review study by a team of scientists commissioned by the American Psychiatric Association found wide-ranging effects of omega three supplementation in issues ranging from depression to cognitive decline (7).  

Because there’s less research on the biology of omega three fatty acids in the brain, scientists aren’t quite sure why it seems so helpful, but nevertheless, it does seem quite effective.

Green tea extract is another all-star when it comes to fighting chronic disease.  Green tea is an excellent counterpart to fish oil, because while the benefits of fish oil on risk cancer don’t seem to be significant, green tea is exactly the opposite.  

Research out of Japan (where many people consume green tea on a regular basis) found that consumption of green tea has a substantial effect in reducing risk of cancer (8).  

This was corroborated by a scientific correspondence in the prestigious journal Nature that outlined a number of mechanisms by which the active compounds in green tea produce an anti-cancer effect in the body (9).

When considering the other determinants of men’s health–strength, libido and sexual function, and physical fitness–the main determinant here seems to be testosterone.  

That’s why keeping testosterone levels high is so important for men, especially as they age.  Problems that plague many men, like erectile dysfunction, loss of libido, general fatigue and listlessness, and more, can all be traced to low testosterone levels.

It’s no secret that testosterone levels go down in men as they get older.  This was demonstrated conclusively in  a large study of over 8,000 men published in the Journal of Clinical Endocrinology and Metabolism (10).  

The researchers who conducted this study found that, even when you control for health status, age is an independent cause of low testosterone.

Treatments that increase testosterone also combat the conditions associated with low testosterone, as you might expect.  

Men who see increases in testosterone levels see increases in muscle mass, decreases in fat mass, and improved sexual well-being (11).  

For these reasons, a supplement that keeps your testosterone levels high is of great value to men, especially as they get into middle age.

Testosterone also plays a critical role in maintenance of muscle mass.  Muscle isn’t just for looking good: as you get older, having more muscle becomes increasingly important for maintaining your health and well-being.  

If you aren’t careful, and you lose a few pounds of muscle every year, before you realize it, you can end up so frail that daily tasks like getting out of a chair or climbing the stairs become a real challenge.  

This is a named medical condition called frailty, and it affects millions of men once they get into old age.  

A high quality protein supplement is an excellent way to fight frailty in the long-term, and keep your strength, fitness, and good looks in the short term.  

Indeed, protein supplements are even used in clinical studies to prevent frailty, and high protein intake does appear to decrease the risk of frailty in large population-based studies (11).

Side Effects

Part of why the supplements recommended above are the best for men is explicitly because they carry little or no risk of adverse effects.  

Some supplements, like the emerging nootropic compounds, have not been studied in detail over long periods of time, so the risks here are more speculative.  

It may be the case that there are negative effects that don’t emerge right away, but again, this is hypothetical, not proven.  If this is a concern for you, stick with the tried and true supplements for men, and be patient for the cutting-edge stuff like nootropics to become more well-researched.


Men’s health and well-being is determined largely by their susceptibility to chronic disease like heart disease, stroke, and cancer, as well as the hormonal effects of testosterone and its related consequences (i.e. muscle mass, sexual well-being, etc).  

A proper supplemental routine can help on all of these fronts, helping you not just be healthier, but feel stronger, younger, and more energized than ever.

Ranking the best diet pills for women of 2017

Many women take diet pills to help increase their weight loss or maintain the losses they’ve already achieved.

Women looking to lose weight have the additional challenge of a hormonal profile that’s tilted towards keeping more fat mass on their body.

There are a lot of different diet pills for women, and they don’t all have the same efficacy–some are a lot more likely to work for you than others.

We’ve looked at the best and most effective diet pills for women and ranked them.

1. BeLive Fusion Burn

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Fusion Burn is the day-time diet pill from BeLive that provides a range of stimulants and weight loss ingredients that distinguish it from the competitions.

With cutting edge ingredients like apple cider vinegar, conjugated linoleic acid, and BioPerine for optimal absorption of the active ingredients in the capsule, Fusion Burn is one of the best diet pills out there.

Its caffeine content, at 100 mg per pill, is hardly any more than a standard cup of coffee, so it’s a great choice if you are a little caffeine sensitive but still want the synergistic effects of caffeine and green tea extract, one of the other key ingredients in Fusion Burn

2. Evlution Trans4orm

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Evlution has top-quality weight loss supplements, and Trans4orm is no exception.

This formulation is particularly suited for women because it blends weight loss herbal extracts like huperzine A and green tea extract with B vitamins and amino acids to make sure your body isn’t lacking in any metabolism-boosting nutrients.

The caffeine content (175 mg per serving) should synergistically interact with its green tea content, creating higher levels of fat burning.

3. Skinny Gal

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Skinny gal has a lot of the most popular and well-known herbal extracts that promote weight loss: african mango, garcinia cambogia, raspberry ketone, white kidney bean extract, and green coffee bean extract, to name just a few.

There aren’t so many ingredients that it seems purposeless, but it would be nice if the ingredients list was more clear about the amounts of each supplement included in the mixture.

As it stands, most of them are hidden behind a proprietary blend.

4. Atrafen

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Nutratech’s Atrefen is an incredibly popular diet pill that relies on a relatively small number of targeted ingredients to boost weight loss.

They aren’t necessarily the most popular supplements on their own, but Aftrafen seems to have hit on a winning combination–the ingredients work better together than on their own.

The only downside is that the caffeine content is hard to estimate, so if you are sensitive to caffeine’s adverse effects, be cautious with the dosage of this diet pill.

5. Sheer Strength Appetite Suppressant for Women

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Sheer Strength uses a pretty simple design for this supplement; there’s only a couple of primary ingredients, and they are all focused on controlling your hunger pangs.

Hoodia Gordonii, Caralluma Fimbriata, and Rhodiola Rosea aren’t top-tier weight loss supplements, but that’s because they are specifically for suppressing appetite, not burning fat. If you want a targeted supplement to do exactly that, then Sheer Strength’s diet pill is a good choice.

6. NutriSuppz Garcinia Cambogia for Her

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NutriSuppz offers a pretty straightforward diet pill for women. The only two active ingredients are garcinia cambogia and chromium, and while these ingredients aren’t the most-proven of the weight loss supplements out there, they do have their supporters.

If you have been specifically looking for these two supplements to add to your regimen, it’s a good choice. Otherwise, there are better options.

7. Skinny Fiber

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Skinny Fiber is another targeted-purpose diet pill for women. As the name suggests, it focuses on several different kinds of fiber to help suppress your feelings of hunger.

The supplement also comes with several enzymes to prevent some of the gastrointestinal effects of high fiber consumption, so this can be helpful if you are having gas or bloating in response to changing to a healthier diet.

Outside of the moderate fiber content, though, Skinny Fiber isn’t going to do a lot for your weight loss.

8. Xtreme Slim

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Xtreme Slim, by Prime Labs, seems to have its unique angle be its calcium content. The weight loss ingredients aren’t particularly compelling, and it’s missing a lot of the herbal extracts you’d like to see in a diet pill.

The mild benefit of a calcium supplement plus a few weight loss ingredients isn’t enough to move this any higher on the rankings.

9. Shred Her

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Sher Her combines a few B vitamins with a “fat incinerating mix” that includes a lot of fat burning stimulants.

Some of them are great, like green tea extract and green coffee bean extract, but it could do without the bitter orange extract–the best supplements on the market aren’t using that ingredient anymore because of safety concerns.

In addition, the proprietary mix hides the actual amount of most of the ingredients, so you don’t know what dosage you are getting.

Because women tend to be smaller to begin with, and are thus susceptible to lower doses of supplements, this problem is especially bad for them.

10. HERdiet Pink Pill

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HERdiet’s Pink Pill is a stimulant-focused diet pill built around synthetic compounds that are designed to jack up your metabolism and boost your body’s energy expenditure.

Unlike other supplements that rely on natural compounds, the Pink Pill is almost all synthetic chemicals, and more problematically, it does not specify exactly how much of each ingredient it lists.

Given that some of its ingredients, like synephrine, have safety concerns at higher doses, this is a real problem that prevents it from being ranked higher, despite rave reviews.

Diet pills for women benefits and side effects

Losing weight is hard for many women–to make it easier, a diet pill can help. Diet pills specifically designed for women tend to try to help them with some of the things about being a woman that make it more difficult to lose weight.

Namely, because of their lower muscle mass content, they don’t’ burn as much fat while they are at rest, and because of their low testosterone levels, they have a harder time adding muscle and exercising at a high intensity, which compounds the first problem.

Solving this might involve supplements that manipulate your body’s metabolic activity, or that curtail your appetite and help you eat less food.

Other supplements might increase your body’s preference for burning fat as a fuel. All of these have beneficial effects on your weight loss goals.


One of the most popular ingredients in diet pills for women is garcinia cambogia. This herbal extract has shown promise in some large, randomized clinical trials of weight loss supplements.

According to a meta-analysis published in the Journal of Obesity, garcinia cambogia has a statistically significant effect on short-term weight loss, though the magnitude of this effect is fairly small (1).

This shouldn’t be a surprise to anyone, since the goal of a weight loss supplement isn’t to be a miracle cure–it’s to help and assist your overall weight loss program.

The mechanism by which garcinia cambogia actually functions to help you lose weight isn’t clear. Some researchers think that it increases the activity level of the mitochondria in your cells, the “power plants” that burn fat for energy.

Others, however, think that it affects levels of certain chemicals in your brain which regulate your appetite. It’s clear that there’s more research needed on garcinia cambogia.

If nutritionists discover how garcinia cambogia works, it might be able to be combined more effectively with other weight loss supplements to increase the amount of weight it can help you lose.

Surprisingly, some of the strongest evidence for weight loss efficacy points to the humble caffeine molecule as a particularly effective supplement.

According to a review study by researchers at City University of New York, Brooklyn found that consuming caffeine helps people who have lost weight maintain their overall health (2).

Risk factors for type two diabetes are markedly lower in people who have lost weight and consume caffeine on a regular basis, the researchers found.

Additionally, researchers at Maastricht University in the Netherlands mention caffeine alongside other supplements that show promise as thermogenic supplements (3)–meaning that they tell the body to “turn up the heat” by increasing fat oxidation.

Another promising thermogenic supplement that you can find in diet pills for women is green tea extract. Long known for its antioxidant and anti-inflammatory effects, green tea has increasingly become known as one of the most effective supplements to burn fat.

Research out of the University of Geneva published in the American Journal of Clinical Nutrition demonstrated that a single dose of green tea extract increases fat oxidation and total energy expenditure over a 24 hour period when compared to a placebo (4).

This effect is not explained solely by its caffeine content; the active ingredients in green tea seem to work synergistically with caffeine to burn fat and increase the number of calories you expend, even when you are at rest.

Green coffee bean extract might be considered a “cousin” of green tea extract, and while the research on it is not as robust as that on green tea, the results are promising.

According to a meta-analysis of five different studies that examined green coffee bean extract’s effect on weight loss, green coffee bean extract can produce substantial weight loss in a short amount of time (5).

While the authors of the review noted that the research conducted so far has some methodological problems, they nevertheless concluded that the evidence for green coffee bean is very encouraging.

It’s not known to what extent green coffee bean extract interacts with caffeine, given that caffeine is also a natural component of coffee beans.

Side Effects

The negative effects of diet pills are mostly centered around compounds that try to artificially boost your body’s resting metabolism.

These pills are a crude version of “exercise in a pill”–by increasing your metabolic rate, they increase your energy expenditure. However, this is a pretty blunt tool, and while it does get the job done, it can have adverse side effects.

The most important ingredient to be aware of is bitter orange extract, or its active ingredient, synephrine. After serious health problems started plaguing people who took diet pills containing ephedra, manufacturers switched out their formulas to use synephrine instead, as it was thought to be safer.

Still, however, there are concerns that it can have deleterious effects on your health.

A scientific article in the journal Food and Chemical Toxicology looked into the potential effects of synephrine (6).

The researchers found a number of case reports that indicated synephrine can cause abnormal heart beat patterns, and though they covered a number of potential mechanisms, there is no smoking gun just yet. Because of this, synephrine is probably an ingredient to avoid for most people.

Garcinia cambogia does also seem to cause gastrointestinal side effects at a higher level than a placebo (7). Again, because the mechanism of action is not clear with this supplement, it’s not clear why it would cause this side effect either.

It may just be because it is difficult for some people to digest, but regardless, those with a sensitive stomach might want to try a different diet pill.

Recommended Dosage

The effective dose of the active ingredients in a diet pill depend on the supplement in question. Typically, a diet pill has enough ingredients that you can’t really do much about the dosage of each one individually.

The best approach is to use a top-ranked supplement that is carefully designed to have optimal doses of all the important ingredients, and avoid supplements that hide the exact amounts of their ingredients by using them in a “proprietary blend.”


For a woman trying to lose weight, a diet pill can help in a number of ways.

Some ingredients, like green coffee bean extract or green tea extract, appear to increase your body’s preference for burning fat while at rest, and increase your overall energy expenditure.Others, like garcinia cambogia, may decrease your appetite and thus lead to you consuming fewer calories throughout the day.

Whichever route you choose, using a high-quality diet pill may be able to assist you in reaching your weight loss goals.

Wednesday, November 8, 2017

The Top 5 Protein Powder for Men of 2017

Protein is an essential nutrient needed to increase energy levels and improve muscle strength and mass.

If you are a man interested in shedding unwanted fat and building up your muscles, you should consider using a top rated protein powder.

Our bodies need protein to create various hormones, enzymes, and essential components for our immune system. When we don’t consume enough protein, our bodies cannot heal as easily.

Don’t worry guys, protein powder has your back, and the rest of your body.

So what’s the best protein powder on the market a man can get these days?

My honest opinion:

1- Jym PRO

Lowest price on Amazon

Combining whey protein with egg and casein protein, PRO JYM offers the best protein packed blend a man can get in one scoop, making it our #1 top recommended protein powder for men.

And the best part – the flavors are straight up delicious.

Caramel Macchiato with caffeine, are you kidding me? You can wake up and kick your metabolism in gear with a protein shake that tastes like a delicious cup of coffee and delivers the same energizing effect.

Tastes great with water but PRO JYM can be mixed with milk, almond milk, or any other preferred liquid.

The ratio of protein contained in this product is 50% casein, 40% whey, and 10% egg protein. Here’s why the team at JYM Supplement Sciences came up with that ratio:

“The perfect blend of the three most effective types of proteins for building muscle: whey, micellar casein and egg protein.

The three types are absorbed in the body at varying rates of speed – whey extremely fast, casein very slowly, and egg at a “medium” pace. This is exactly how you want your protein to act both before and after workouts to ensure that the muscles get an immediate supply of amino acids (the building blocks of protein) as well as a steady trickle of them in the hours following.

Research now shows that when you add medium-digesting and slow-digesting proteins to fast-digesting whey, muscle protein synthesis remains elevated for longer than when using whey alone. And muscle protein retention is higher, as well.

That means that more protein is being built in the muscle. That is what leads to long-term gains in muscle growth and strength.”

Comes in a 4 lb. tub with about 50 servings.

Buy JYM on Amazon

2- BSN Syntha-6

Lowest price on Amazon

You guessed it – 6 different kinds of protein packed in this powerful men’s protein powder.

In each serving of Syntha-6 you’ll get 22g of protein, 10g of essential amino acids, and even 5g of fiber, something you don’t typically see in protein powders.

It’s one of the most popular protein powders sold on Amazon, most likely because of the relatively inexpensive price and the fact that it comes in 10 great flavors. These include banana, chocolate cake batter, chocolate milkshake, chocolate peanut butter, cookies and cream, strawberry milkshake, and vanilla ice cream.

Only 2g of sugar per serving, which is amazing for how delicious the protein powder tastes.

Comes in a 48 or 97 serving tub.

Buy Syntha-6 on Amazon

3- Optimum Nutrition Gold Standard Whey

Lowest price on Amazon

Optimum Nutrition is a powerhouse brand when it comes to the supplement industry. Gold Standard 100% Whey protein powder is one of their most popular products, for a good reason.

Just plain whey protein isolate with a nice chocolatey flavor to it.

4g of glutamine and glutamic acid and 5.5g of naturally occurring BCAAs make each scoop of Gold Standard Whey a great blend of nutrition for men looking for a simple, yet powerful protein powder.

If you like to shop name brands with a good reputation in the industry, you can’t go wrong with Optimum Nutrition.

Comes in banana, cake batter, and double rich chocolate flavors. About 75 servings in the 5 lb. tub.

Buy Gold Standard Whey on Amazon

4- MusclePharm COMBAT

Lowest price on Amazon

MusclePharm is another powerhouse supplement company, and they offer a unique time-released protein blend using 5 different kinds of protein.

Only 5 grams of carbs per serving and 25 grams of protein makes this protein powder great for guys who are looking to build lean muscle mass, faster.

Contains fast, medium, and slow releasing proteins for a balanced blend of protein power, along with added BCAA’s.

Allergen warning: This product contains milk, egg, and soy (lecithin).  It’s also made in a facility that may also process egg, tree nuts, sesame, peanuts, fish, crustaceans, shellfish, and wheat products.

COMBAT comes in these delicious flavors: Banana cream, chocolate milk, chocolate peanut butter, cookies n cream, triple berry, and vanilla.

About 50 servings in the 4lb. tub.

Buy COMBAT on Amazon

5- Evlution Nutrition STACKED

Lowest price on Amazon

Evlution Nutrition is the company behind STACKED PROTEIN, and they offer a great choice for men looking for an all-around protein powder.

This product offers 25g of premium protein sourced from 5 different kind of protein, along with 5g of glutamine and 5g of BCAAs per scoop for faster recovery time.

Only 3g of sugar per serving, too, so this is a good option for those that watch their sugar intake.

STACKED comes in five great flavors: birthday cake, chocolate decadence, vanilla ice cream, strawberry, and cookies & cream. About 50 servings in the 4lb. tub.

Buy STACKED on Amazon

What is protein powder for men?

Protein powder for men is available at most pharmacies, retail stores, or health and wellness stores.

You can mix the powder with water to create a shake, or added to any smoothie recipe for a quick protein boost. Strength trainers and bodybuilders use protein powder to ensure that their bodies have the right amount of protein to endure strenuous workouts.

Many people choose to consume protein powder shakes before their workout session. Doing so can help to increase their energy levels so that they can endure the entire workout. Others may choose to have a protein shake after a workout. This can help promote the healing of worn or damaged muscles.

There are three main types of protein powder. They are soy, casein, and whey.

Soy Protein

As one of the top forms of supplemental protein used in the United States, Soy is an affordable, vegan-friendly option that is known to help improve cardiovascular health. However, many men choose not to consume soy protein because of claims that it can actually lower testosterone levels [1].

A small amount of clinical trials has shown that soy protein can lower a man’s testosterone level. Soy protein contains compounds known as isoflavones. These compounds can have an effect on the body that is similar to estrogen. However, during these trials, researchers used elevated levels of soy protein. Additional tests showed that males who took 20 grams of soy protein each day didn’t have any loss of testosterone.

Casein Protein

Casein is a high-quality form of protein that provides a slow and steady flow of essential amino acids in your bloodstream. The effects of consuming casein protein powder can last for hours. Many strength trainers choose to have a casein protein shake before bed, which can help restore worn and damaged muscles overnight.

For men, casein protein is a smart choice because it can help you build larger muscles faster. It also helps to increase your metabolic rate so that you burn fat easier. And it yields greater strength so that you are able to make it through your toughest workout routines.

Whey Protein

Whey protein is from cow’s milk. It is high in essential amino acids, is easy to digest, and absorbs well by the body. Whey protein is also the one protein powder that contains the highest amount of nutrients [2].

There are two types of whey protein available. These are whey protein isolate and concentrated. The isolate version is the purest form and contains 90 percent more protein than the concentrated type.

Men who endure intense workout sessions can benefit from consuming whey protein. The ingredients can help to lessen recovery time for the muscles. The amount of whey protein that you take should depend on the type of workout routine you take part in. For basic recreational exercise such as walking or jogging, you will want to take anywhere from 0.5 to 0.7 grams per pound. For strength training activities, 0.5 to 0.8 grams per pound is the ideal solution.

How does protein powder for men work?

Men interested in building up their muscle mass and strength need to consume more protein.

The nutrient plays a significant role in your performance whether you are out on the ball field or lifting weights at the gym. You may already know that protein provides us with energy, can help us lose weight, repair damaged muscles, and improves our strength. But how does protein manage to do all these things?

The secret comes down to the 20 amino acids that work as the building blocks of protein. There are 10 essential and 10 non-essential amino acids in protein. The body naturally produces essential amino acids such as Lysine, Phenylalanine, Arginine, and Leucine. Non-essential amino acids present in protein include Asparagine, Glutamate, Glycine, and Alanine [3].

Protein powders help you meet your daily amount of required protein while you are working out. The amino acids that make up protein help out with various bodily functions. They can help us build and maintain a strong muscle mass, support the production of red blood cells, and enhance our immune system.

What are the benefits of protein powder for men?

The two main benefits that men can receive from using protein powder include larger, stronger muscles, and higher levels of testosterone.

Building Muscle Mass

Protein is the foundation of building strong muscles. By drinking protein shakes throughout the day, you are consistently promoting muscle growth. If you choose to drink a protein shake before you work out each day, you will increase the amount of energy that you have so that you can push yourself beyond your limits.

If you choose to drink a protein shake after your workout, you will improve how quickly your muscles heal so that they will grow stronger and be ready for your next training session.

Improve Testosterone Levels

You may already know that you need to consume a large amount of protein to ensure good muscle mass and strength. But did you know that increasing your protein level each day can improve your testosterone levels?

Protein powder, especially whey protein, can help to increase your body’s testosterone. Men who consume diets high in protein have also shown to have healthier kidney and liver function.

What are the side effects of protein powder for men?

Protein can be extremely beneficial for men who want to build up their muscle mass. But as with any other type of dietary supplement, there can be side effects to consuming protein powder [4].

Here are a few things that you will want to look out for when taking a protein powder for the first time.

  • Stomach Pain and Discomfort
  • Poor Digestion
  • Nausea
  • Gastrointestinal issues
  • Bloating
  • Fat Gain
  • Bone Loss
  • Dehydration
  • Kidney Damage

To get the best results out of your protein powder, look for one that contains natural ingredients. There are many powders available that contain various chemicals and artificial ingredients such as fructose, aspartame, and saccharin.

Try to stay away from these protein powders as they will only hinder your muscle growth.

How should protein powder for men be taken?

The recommended daily amount of protein for men is 56 grams per day. However, most adult males could benefit from eating more than this recommended amount, especially those who are strength training.  Professional athlete, for instance, consume 0.77 gram of protein per pound of their body weight each day. That comes to 139 grams daily for a 180-lb. male [5].

But what if you are trying to lose weight? Should you still consume a large amount of meat?

Protein is actually essential to weight loss. As you attempt to lose weight by eating fewer calories, you should increase the number of calories you consume that come from protein. This will help to ensure that you increase your muscle mass while burning off unwanted fat.


Protein powder can help you build stronger muscles and repair damage after a strenuous workout session. There are several types of protein powder on the market, and it’s important to understand the benefits of each one before you start consuming protein shakes regularly.

Some may have more benefits than others, depending on why you are taking the powder in the first place. For instance, whey protein can help you see results faster, yet it has also been known to lower testosterone levels. Be sure to make your decision wisely when it comes to choosing the right type of protein powder to use.

Protein is essential to our bodies because of the high amount of essential and non-essential amino acids it contains. There are 20 amino acids in each serving of protein, and each one plays a role in helping us to maintain strong and healthy muscles.

The best way for us to get the protein that we need is to get it from a food source. However, men who are interested in bulking up their bodies often do not get the amount of protein they need from their diet alone.

That is why it’s important to supplement with a quality protein powder, designed to fit the needs of male bodybuilders. When you have protein powder on hand, you will always have the right amount of protein you need to get through any type of workout session.

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