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PM-International review – is it worth joining?

PM-International is a multilevel marketing company that sells a range of supplements and beauty products, but its most popular and famous product line are the FitLine products, which are marketed to sports athletes.

The FitLine products range from basics, like omega 3 fatty acids, to proprietary supplement blends, like PM-International’s Activize Oxyplus, which claims to invigorate and refresh the bodies of active people, including athletes.

Did I get on board? This explains everything:

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The company was founded and continues to be based in Germany, but it operates worldwide.

PM-International has a steadily rising public profile.  According to search engine trends, public interest in the company has been rising linearly since 2015, with no sign of abating any time soon.

The growth is not explosive, but looks to be more sustainable than flash in the pan MLMs that fall from favor just as quickly as they rise in popularity.

Another thing that PM-International has going for it is its sporting endorsements.  PM-International works with Olympic athletes in Germany, Switzerland, Poland, and Austria, so at least in Europe, it may have some brand recognition.  In the United States, the company has significantly less of a presence.

The company’s revenue seems to be rising in line with its search engine traffic.  According to the MLM news website Business for Home, PM-International saw a 30% rise in its sales in 2016.

This data indicates that now might be a good time to join PM-International if its products and compensation plan look attractive.


As a company that supplies Olympic-caliber athletes, PM-International supplies a lot of the standard things you’d expect for healthy athletes in training, like basic vitamin and mineral supplements and pre- and post-workout drinks.

Restorate is a mineral supplement that provides calcium, magnesium, zinc, iron, copper, and selenium, which prove to be critical for optimal athletic performance.

A scientific review article published in 2004 by Henry C. Lukaski outlines the risks and effects of mineral deficiencies in athletes.

According to Lukaski, two of the biggest obstacles to exercise performance can be iron deficiency and magnesium deficiency.

A lack of iron can lead to anemia, a condition where your blood does not have enough red blood cells to deliver the oxygen your muscles need during exercise.

For reasons that are less clear, magnesium deficiency increases the oxygen cost of exercise, making you become fatigued more quickly.

Lukaski does note that mineral supplements are not effective at increasing performance in athletes who already have an adequate diet, so they are better reserved for athletes with deficiencies or who have to restrict their dietary intake (in wrestlers, for example, who must cut weight to make a weight classification).

PM-International’s flagship workout drink is Fitness-Drink, which is a souped-up electrolyte drink.  The carbohydrates that the drink provides are derived from dextrose and fructose, and almost all of the caloric content is straight sugar.

This means it’s great for long endurance events, like running a marathon, but not so great for something to drink on a daily basis if you aren’t exercising a lot.

In addition to carbohydrates and electrolytes, which are pretty standard for a sports drink, Fitness-Drink provides a mixture of vitamins and minerals that it claims are essential for performance.

In the scientific review mentioned above, Henry C. Lukaski says that many of the same conditions apply to using vitamin supplements as well: a few vitamin deficiencies (most notably the B vitamins) are known to affect athletic performance in a profoundly negative way, but healthy athletes with a sufficient diet shouldn’t need a supplement.

Again, there is possibly an exception for athletes on a caloric restriction protocol who are trying to lose weight, especially rapidly.

Another perk of PM-International focusing on high level athletes is that their supplements are tested for purity and for the presence of adulterants that could cause athletes to fail a doping test.

This means there’s an extra level of security with regards to the quality of the product, since this “safe for sport” certification is independently verified.

Compensation plan

To join PM-International as a distributor, you must place an order of 100 “points” worth of products, which is about $165.

From this point, you are entitled to a 20% retail discount which you can use to earn a profit.  But to get perpetual commissions several levels below you, you need to become a manager, which involves an investment more on the order of $690.

You can also climb your way up to this point by accruing that much in sales.

The ranking structure of PM-International is unusual in that moving up is very product sales focused.  You aren’t even required to have any downline distributors whatsoever until you are rank three, titled “sales manager” in company parlance.

Even rank six only requires three distributors (one of which must be second-line).  As usual, being at a higher rank earns you more bonuses, deeper commissions, and greater incentives.


The business viability of PM-International is going to vary based on your clientele and geographic location.

The best market is going to be athletes, especially in Olympic sports, in Western Europe.  Outside of this, PM-International doesn’t have a lot of unique qualities to attract potential customers to, say, its beauty products.

Given the recent financial success of the company, and its rising public profile, it’s not a bad time to get on board if you’ve got a solid plan to move a lot of sales volume.

Remember, with PM-International’s compensation plan, sales volume is king, and downline structure is a distant second in terms of importance.

If you’re set on MLM, it’s not terrible, but there are more profitable opportunities out there.

If you’re doing it for the money, there are better ways to kill your day job. You might like our coaching because it shows you the good life without peddling products or “selling an opportunity” to your family and friends.

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