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Bode Pro review – is it worth joining?

Bode Pro is a new multilevel marketing program set up by BK Boreyko, an MLM pioneer who started the firms New Vision and Vemma, which both blossomed into massive MLM industries.

Though it’s still in the pre-launch phase, the company plans to offer shake-style canned health drinks designed to burn fat, improve your mood, and give you more energy.

Did I get on board? This explains everything:

According to search engine trends, the number of people searching for Bode Pro has ticked upward recently, though the absolute volume is still pretty low.  Given the success of BK Boreyko’s other forays into the MLM industry, though, it’s a smart bet for rapid growth once it fully launches and catches on.


There are three core products offered by Bode Pro at present: Bode Pro Burn, Bode Pro Happy, and Body Pro Strong.  Each of these is, at its core, an energy drink with special supplements added to each target their namesake qualities.  The drinks come in canned, bottled, and powdered forms.

Bode Pro Burn, for example, is geared towards burning fat.  It contains a number of fat-burning supplements like green tea extract EGCG, caffeine, and theanine.  It’s also high in protein and fiber, which are both connected with improved weight loss.

A study published in 2008 in the journal Nutrition and Metabolism, for example, found that obese subjects who consumed a whey protein supplement daily were able to lose fat mass while burning excess fat.

This supplement was used in conjunction with a diet that reduced the subjects’ caloric intake by 500 calories per day, so this suggests that Bode Pro Burn would work best if you are already on a diet–it can’t do the work alone.  You will also have to watch what you eat.

Bode Pro Happy, on the other hand, is designed specifically to boost your mood and improve cognitive function.  Unlike Bode Pro Burn, it is much closer to being a true supplement versus a meal replacement; it has almost no calories and contains mostly vitamin and mineral ingredients, alongside a small blend of nootropic supplements.

These include caffeine – a known neuro-enhancer in addition to its fat-burning properties.  Another major contributor to the mind-calming effects of Bode Pro Happy is the inclusion of kava extract.

As reported by researchers Clare Stevinson, Alyson Huntley, and Edzard Ernst, there is promising evidence for its effect as an anti-anxiety treatment.  It tends to be well-tolerated, though they did highlight a potential for rare adverse effects, and noted that it can interact with some other psychiatric drugs.

As for Bode Pro Strong, contrary to the name it’s not actually a muscular strength booster.  It works to strengthen the inside of your body: your immune system, your resistance to aging, and your body’s antioxidant capabilities.  It is low in calories, but not calorie free.  The vitamin and mineral ingredients pack a strong antioxidant punch, but the star of the supplement ingredients is mangosteen, a fruit extract native to tropical regions.

Mangosteen appears to be a particularly potent antioxidant and immune system booster.  According to one study published in the Journal of Medicinal Food, mangosteen extract has a strong impact on the human immune system.  In the experiment, researchers studied how a mangosteen supplement or a placebo affected the levels of several blood markers of immune system function in 59 volunteers.

They found that the supplement boosted levels of several of the important immune system compounds, while also improving their own perception of their well-being.  A separate study by researchers in China found that a mangosteen extract boosted the antioxidant power of the blood by 20% within a few hours of ingestion.

Given that oxidative free radicals are associated with chronic disease and aging generally, Bode Pro Strong seems like it’d be a good solution for people looking to prevent or reverse the negative health effects of aging.

Compensation plan

In many ways, Bode Pro is a classic MLM setup.  You need to become a customer first, which involves purchasing a product at full retail prices, then referring another person to also become a customer and buying the $29.95 “starter pack,” plus signing up for the $9.95 monthly internet marketing suite.

As you might guess, this formulation tends to work best for people who already have a strong network of potential customers, and are themselves consumers of the products in question.

The compensation model is unilevel, meaning that you can add as many distributors as you want to sponsor.  As your sponsors add more distributors themselves, the benefits cascade down the line.

How far depends on your ranking–you need to increase your ranking within the company to have your number of levels which grant you commission increase.  For a “3 star platinum” ranking, the highest level, your commissions cascade down seven levels.

Autoship is an option, but is not required–this helps keep this MLM design compliant with the latest federal regulations. You can sign up for an automated monthly shipment if you are a big consumer, or a big distributor, but it is not mandatory.


In summary, since Bode Pro is a new MLM network, it is tough to gauge what its earning potential is.  The flagship products look solid, and it’s got a fairly standard unilevel compensation model with no big red flags, but the start-up costs make it such that there is a very large benefit if you can drum up a customer base before jumping into the program.

If you can’t refer another retail customer, you can’t become an influencer, and you’re stuck on the retail customer side of the plan.

Basically, if you’re doing it for the money, there are better ways to kill your day job. You might like our coaching because it shows you the good life without peddling products to your family and friends.

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