Monday, April 24, 2017

AdvoCare review – legit or not?

AdvoCare is a Texas-based multilevel marketing company that is widely known for its sports endorsements and its 24-day challenge—a cleansing and refueling regiment that is claimed to help improve your health and boost your energy levels.

The face of AdvoCare is New Orleans Saints quarterback Drew Brees, who is an avid user and enthusiasts for their products.

Did I get on board? This explains everything:

The products offered by AdvoCare are sorted into four different product lines: trim, active, well, and performance elite.  Each of these are focused on helping you lose weight, keep your energy levels high, improve your overall health, or improve sports performance.

Their endorsement strategy focuses on getting professional athletes and their coaches to use and recommend their products—this makes the product an easier sell, since people tend to trust the recommendations of public figures they know.

Among AdvoCare’s advocates and boosters are CrossFit champion Rich Froning, Dallas Cowboys tight end Jason Witten, and NFL coach Tom Coughlin

Unfortunately, Advocare’s popularity is waning, at least according to Google Trends.  Overall search volumes have been decreasing fairly steadily year-by-year, though search traffic does spike right after the new year.  This is likely explained by people wanting to take the 24-day challenge as a New Year’s resolution.


Each of the four categories of products offered by AdvoCare has a specific need it is designed to fulfill.

The trim category of products includes products like meal replacement shakes, carbohydrate absorption inhibitors, and traditional weight loss supplements.  There’s a range of products to reduce cravings and increase fullness.

The active category is for people on the go: it includes healthy nutrition bars to snack on, a sugar-free energy drink powder called Spark, and a five-hour-energy-like energy shot called Slam that provides a jolt of caffeine and a hefty serving of B vitamins.

The well category is focused on overall well-being and health maintenance.  As you might guess, this is the category that includes multivitamins, green powder supplements, fiber supplements, probiotics, and a wide range of more specialized vitamin and mineral supplements.  AdvoCare offers their own line of calcium, vitamin C, zinc, and DHA (an omega 3 fatty acid), so if you are already taking these supplements, it is easy to make the switch if you are going to become an AdvoCare distributor or customer.

Finally, the performance elite category contains many of the pre-and post-workout supplements you’d expect as an athlete or fitness enthusiast.

Mass Impact, for example, is  a classic creatine-based pre-workout supplement, and there are several types and styles of protein powder for use as a post-workout supplement.  These are supported by more niche use products like rehydration and energy gels for endurance sport athletes, pre-workout snack bars for people on the go, and herbal extracts that claim to boost oxygen levels during exercise.

The real star of AdvoCare’s product line, however, is undoubtedly their 24-day challenge package.  The “challenge” is to follow the supplementation plan, which is a ten-day cleansing phase, followed by a fourteen-day refueling and rebuilding phase that’s supposed to re-energize your body.

The cleansing process involves a high-powered probiotic supplement, alongside a heavy dose of omega 3 fatty acids and dietary fiber and the aforementioned Spark energy drink.

Unlike other trendy diets, it’s not a “cleanse” in the sense of ceasing your normal food intake and replacing it with something aggressive or outlandish; rather, the supplements are supposed to do the bulk of the cleansing work: probiotics for repopulating your intestinal bacteria, fiber for increasing your frequency and regularity of bowel movements, and omega-3 fatty acids for its wide range of health applications, from brain health to cardiovascular well-being.

The second phase, the “max phase,” involves a weight-loss supplement designed to increase your metabolic rate, a meal replacement shake that’s loaded with protein (which is known to help with losing fat mass while maintaining muscle mass), and another box of AdvoCare Spark energy drink.

Though not a part of the supplementation program, AdvoCare’s 24-day challenge also involves some guidelines on eating healthier foods.  Their program is focused on lean meats, fruits, vegetables, and healthy fats, just like you’d expect from any rational dieting strategy focused on both losing weight and improving health and well-being.

Compensation plan

Advocare’s MLM strategy is pretty straightforward and does not involve nearly as many hidden costs or requirements as some of its MLM competitors.  The distributor startup kit costs $59, which enables you to order products at wholesale costs, then resell them for retail prices and keep the profit.

There is an annual fee of $50, but beyond this there are no mandatory costs or auto-shipping.  As a distributor, you can also earn a 5-20% commission on the sales of other distributors below you.

If you can move a lot of product, you can become an advisor, which involves a one-time purchase of $2100 of products, and allows you to access higher wholesale discounts.  You also earn money from overrides, bonuses, and incentives, which are not available to baseline distributors.


AdvoCare has a number of things going for it that put it high up on the list of desirable MLM companies.  First, its fee and payment structures is simple and transparent, meaning you are less likely to get snagged up in hidden costs.

There is only one initial fee for becoming a distributor, and one annual renewal fee.  There are additional ways to invest money beyond this, but none are required.

Second, their sporting figure endorsements make it easier to sell the products through your network of connections, because people are more likely to have heard of the products and are more willing to trust a product recommended by a sports figure.

Finally, the 24-day-challenge functions as a good sales technique that allows you to sell a relatively large amount of product at once, plus introduces new people to the company’s products.

Overall, it’s a pretty good bet if you’re looking to get involved in the MLM industry.

But if you aren’t set on going the MLM route, there are definitely more profitable opportunities out there.

If you’re doing it for the money, there are better ways to kill your day job. You might like our coaching because it shows you the good life without peddling overpriced juice to your family and friends.

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