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The Top 5 Greens Supplements of 2017

Eat your veggies, kid! 

Adding green vegetables to your diet is one of the single most effective ways to stay on top of your nutrition.

Repeat trips to the store to buy fresh vegetables can be time consuming…let alone meal prep.

The solution: “greens” supplements.

Greens supplements are a quick and easy way to ensure you are getting more than enough plant-based nutrition from blends of super foods and whole vegetables.

How do green supplements work and are they worth all they hype?

We’ll cover this in a minute, along with possible side effects and details on how to properly take green vegetable supplements.

But first, we’ve ranked the best greens supplements of 2017, according to price, product quality, and customer reviews.

So what’s the #1 greens supplement on the market?

1- Athletic Greens

Lowest price we found

Athletic Greens is a premium superfood blend rich with vitamins and minerals from 75+ whole food sourced ingredients in natural form.

It supports digestion and immune system health, helps maximize nutrient absorption in the body, and increases energy levels throughout the day.

What exactly do you get with each serving of Athletic Greens?

A ton of natural, healthy ingredients. See below:

Just google a few of those and you’ll start to realize how powerful this greens supplement really can be for your health and why it has deserves all the hype.

Here’s the official supplement facts:

The company is passionate about their plant nutrition blend and why they deserve to be the #1 green supplement. Here’s what they have to say:

“We created Athletic Greens to help young professionals, busy moms and everyone in between lose weight fast and get the most out of their day.

Carefully formulated by doctors and nutritionists to deliver essential nutrients. Contains probiotics and enzymes for optimal nutrient absorption and digestion. 10+ years of research to develop an easy to mix powder with naturally sweet taste.”

Oh, and it happens to be Tim Ferriss’ go-to supplement:

“I get asked all the time, If you could only use one supplement, what would it be? My answer is, inevitably, Athletic Greens. It is my all-in-one nutritional insurance. I recommended it in ‘The 4-Hour Body’, and did not get paid to do so.
I take it in the mornings to ensure optimal performance. And I travel with it to avoid getting sick. It just covers all my bases, if I can’t get what I need through whole food meals throughout the rest of the day. It’s tasty, but more importantly it will help you not screw up when you’re doing your nutritional planning.
For me, it…. covers my bases, takes a load off my mind, and puts a lot in my body.”
–Timothy Ferriss, 3x New York Times Bestselling Author

If you’re looking for the ultimate conglomerate of plant nutrition in a single daily serving, Athletic Greens is the best option on the market, by a long shot.

Athletic Greens comes in a one-size, 30 serving bag with an option for monthly auto-ship.

Buy Athletic Greens

2- Naturo Sciences Natural Greens

Lowest price on Amazon

Naturo Sciences Natural Greens is an all-natural raw super food powder derived from the healthiest, most important whole foods on the earth.

The super-antioxidant blend contains acai berry, goji berry, raspberry, rose hips, carrot, beet, pineapple, green tea and acerola cherry for a natural boost of the most important vitamins, minerals, and antioxidants, like beta carotene, folic acid, Vitamin C, B-12, and many others.

The blend also is packed with hearty vegetables known for nutritional value, like wheat grass, barley grass, alfalfa, spirulina, spinach, chlorella and broccoli – some of the most important super greens for nutrients, fiber and detoxification.

The EFA fiber blend is made from highest-quality flax seed powder and apple pectin fiber for optimal digestion and detox/cleansing of digestive system. Furthermore, digestive enzyme and pre-biotic/probiotics provide maximum live cultures of lactobacillus, acidophilus, protease, amylase, lipase, lactase, cellulase and fructo-oligosaccharide (from chicory root) to restore the essential balance of good bacteria and boost the immune system.

It’s one of the most affordable all-around greens supplement on the market, and loaded with whole plant nutrition.

Buy Natural Greens on Amazon

3- Ultimate Nutrition Vegetable Greens

Lowest price on Amazon

This is a powdered greens supplement formula that is a quality, nutrient dense which uses a combination of over 62 phytonutrients and contains alfalfa, spirulina, chlorella, wheatgrass and more.

It is an all-natural supplement that does not use artificial sweeteners or flavors.

It is also suitable for vegetarians as it is meat and dairy free. It includes a huge variety of ingredients that is designed to boost your digestive and immune system.

It is a perfect green supplement that will rejuvenate and energize you for your active lifestyle.

Buy Ultimate Nutrition Vegetable Greens

4- NOW Chlorophyll

Lowest price on Amazon

From one of the most trusted brand in supplements, NOW, is an effective green supplement that provides your body with a healthy dose of chlorophyll, the green stuff found in plants. 

It has numerous benefits such as deodorizing and detoxification of the body and improving digestive health.

Each capsule contains 100mg chlorophyll and 250mg alfalfa powder which speed up the detoxification process and free radical neutralizers.

This supplement is also suitable for vegetarians and vegans and is gluten-free, non GMO and zero-calories.

Buy NOW Chlorophyll

5- Garden of Life Perfect Food

Lowest price on Amazon

This supplement is a green juice powder made from entirely raw and organic resources to support your health and boost your immune system.

It contains an organic farmed juice blend consisting of:

“alfalfa grass juice, barley grass juice, wheat grass juice, oat grass juice and more; organic fruit and veggie antioxidant blend consisting of beet, carrot, broccoli, apple, pineapple, spinach, bell pepper, blackberry, ginger, garlic, asparagus, kale and more; organic sprout blend consisting of amaranth sprout, flax meal, buckwheat sprout, quinoa sprout, chia seed sprout and more; raw probiotic and enzyme blend consisting of protease, lipase, lactase, bromelain and more”

These variety of ingredients help lubricate the digestive system. Each serving contains 25 calories, 110% daily value for vitamin K and 40% daily value for vitamin C.

Buy Perfect Food on Amazon

Greens supplements, say what?

Greens supplements (also called veggie supplements) are a concentrated blends of superfood nutrients, usually in a capsule or powder form for smoothies.

The top greens supplements include ingredients like wheat, barley, probiotics, herbs, algae, spirulina and of course fruits and vegetables (1).

Green supplements are useful for those who exercise a lot since they reduce dietary and muscle acidity which speeds up the recovery process and reduces soreness in your muscles.

The average person does not consume the necessary amounts of nutrients and vitamins that raw vegetables and fruits provide. Green or vegetable supplements are an effective way to make sure that you are consuming enough of the necessary vitamins and minerals that your body needs.

How do greens supplements work?

Greens supplements provide the same powerful boost of nutrients (like fatty acids, fiber and antioxidants) as superfoods (2).

These supplements help you reduce your cholesterol level and blood pressure, enhance your immune system, provide energy to your body and prevent diabetes and heart disease.

In addition, some other benefits of green supplements are that they improve overall digestive health, speed up post-workout recovery, reduce heartburn and provide valuable energy and essential nutrients to your body.

Green supplements can also be beneficial for those who suffer from health problems that restrict their ability to absorb nutrients since this supplement is in a highly concentrated form which makes the nutrients more easily absorbed by the body.

What are the side effects of greens supplements?

It is recommended that you wait three hours after exercise before you take green supplements to avoid insulin depression as these kinds of supplements can slow down the release of insulin to your muscles.

Generally, green supplements do not have negative side effects when taken appropriately.

Calcium and iron may cause toxicity problems when consumed in excess so make sure not to take more than the recommended daily serving.

Some vegetable supplements may contain synthetic ingredients (3) which could potentially disrupt the endocrine system and increase your chances of getting cancer.

How to take greens supplements

Most commonly, greens and veggie supplements are found in a powder form that you mix in water to dissolve into a tasty green juice. 

You can add it to smoothies, meal recipes, baked goods, or even keep a supply handy in your car for a quick and easy breakfast on your way to work or school.

Some greens supplements come in a veggie capsule that is swallowed whole like a pill. These are nice for people that get tired of measuring, mixing, and messes.

There are some super strong green supplements that are often dark green in color that have a particularly strong taste – these are great for mixing with juice or yogurt rather than water or blended in a smoothie.

Mixing them with club soda, coconut water, or seltzer water can help to make the taste better and throwing in some ice can make it more refreshing and easier to drink.

from Health Ranks http://healthranks.org/greens/

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