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PureWOD BUILD 100% Grass Fed Beef Protein Isolate Review

PureWOD BUILD 100% Grass Fed Beef Protein Isolate is a protein powder, created by the all natural company pureWOD, and it’s only available in a stylish 2 lb. plastic package.

It’s one of the most popular beef protein powders on the market, and ranks #2 out of the top beef protein supplements of 2017 (full rankings).

Although you may not have heard of it since it’s not too common in supplement stores yet, pureWOD BUILD Beef Protein Isolate is your best shot when it come to true organic protein extracts.

Lowest price on Amazon

Should you buy pureWOD BUILD?

Is it safe to consume?

Can you trust the manufacturer?

We’ll cover all of this in our pureWOD BUILD 100% Beef Protein Isolate review. Let’s start by breaking down the ingredients.


The name says it by its self – pureWOD BUILD Beef Protein Isolate is made from 100% non-GMO grass fed and free range cows, never treated with hormones or antibiotics.

Can you think of other supplements with the same promising sources of protein? I doubt it.

Each 30 gram serving comes with 24 grams of Beef Protein Isolate (which equals 4 ounces of beef), 2 grams of Fat, 1 gram of Carbohydrates and only 100 calories.

BUILD also contains serious amounts of the beneficial and natural occurring in beef meat collagen, gelatin and other micronutrients, impossible to find in any whey or vegetarian powder out there.

It’s absolutely dairy, gluten and soy free, with no artificial flavors, colors, fillers or preservatives.

PureWOD BUILD Beef Protein contains the only Paleo approved source of protein, improving muscle and connective tissue recovery like no other.

There are 2 available flavors – COCOA and VANILLA.

  • The COCOA flavor contains only 100% Pure Beef Isolate Protein Powder, Natural Cocoa Powder and Stevia
  • The VANILLA flavor contains only 100% Pure Beef Isolate Protein Powder, Organic Vanilla, Coconut Milk Powder and Stevia


When it comes to recovery, it’s not about how much protein you take, but how much you actually absorb.

It’s a proven fact that the amino acids derived from beef are far better absorbed by your body than any other amino acid types. Therefore, there’s no better option for muscle building than pureWOD BUILD Beef Protein Isolate.

You should feel it instantly. It reduces muscle soreness, while improving repair and growth.

And if you only care about your gains, then you’ve probably never asked yourself what happens to your joints. Well, no need to worry here. The gelatin and collagen in BUILD will help you quickly repair your ligaments and maintain the overall health of your bone and skeletal system.

Paleo fans can also benefit from using BUILD, as it’s the closest to nature protein powder you can find out there. It’s basically the best of a beef steak in a scoop, with all its benefits and absolutely no junk.

It’s also soy free, which means that phytoestrogen (plant sourced female hormone) is entirely removed from it. This makes BUILD the perfect protein supplement for men, suffering from hormonal imbalances, causing lowered libido, body fat increase and even gynecomastia.

Unlike milk protein, beef isolate is hypoallergenic, which means that you shouldn’t be experiencing any type of stomach problems or bloating. Many people out there are lactose intolerant, but with pureWOD BUILD Beef Protein Isolate you can easily forget about that, too (1).

Side Effects

There aren’t any side effects known from the usage of pureWOD BUILD Beef Protein Isolate.

However, using this product is not recommended if you’ve ever experienced allergic symptoms like nausea, sickness or rashes from some of the main ingredients, although I haven’t heard of such, yet.

Note that some people are intolerant to animal sources of food, so if you feel that meet is not your best friend, then maybe you should  consider buying some vegetarian/vegan protein like pea, soy or rice.

How to take BUILD

Unlike Whey, which is a fast digesting protein, usually suitable at the morning or after a workout, pureWOD BUILD Beef Protein Isolate is equally beneficial at any time of the day.

So, why chose a byproduct when you have a nice and whole protein source like beef?

You can successfully take it after or during a workout, before or after bed, with a meal or as a meal replacement, or you can just add it to your shakes or recipes, making them more delicious and healthier. That’s right! BUILD doesn’t tastes like meat, so adding it to your pancake mixture, as an example, will make your pancakes healthier and full of protein, ready to build those muscles.

Although the recommended dosage is one scoop, feel free to add an extra dose, as it won’t do any harm.

Company details

PureWOD is a relatively new supplement company, known for its high quality and all natural products.

The idea behind it is the creation of organic powders, containing extracts of whole food, free from any form of artificial ingredients, colors, fillers and proprietary blends, hiding ineffective micro dosing and dangerous preservatives.

Relatively high prices are trademarks of the company, but in return, you get more than anyone could offer to you.

Buy pureWOD BUILD 100% Grass Fed Beef Protein Isolate on Amazon

PureWOD BUILD is ranked the #2 best beef protein of 2017.

from Health Ranks

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