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Julian Bakery Grass-Fed Beef PALEO PROTEIN Review

Julian Bakery Grass-Fed Beef Paleo Protein is a hydrolyzed beef protein based supplement and one of the most truly organic protein powders, compared to all other “organic” competitors.

It’s one of the most popular beef protein powders on the market, and ranks #3 out of the top beef protein supplements of 2017 (full rankings).

If you’re looking for a high quality organic protein powder with the powerful benefits of grass-fed beef, Paleo Protein is sure not to disappoint.

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Should you buy Paleo Protein?

Is it safe to consume?

Can you trust the manufacturer?

We’ll cover all of this in our Julian Bakery Grass-Fed Beef Paleo Protein review, along with the ingredients, benefits, side effects, directions on how to take the supplement, and details about the company.

First, let’s check out the ingredients:


The best thing about Julian Bakery Paleo Protein is that it’s completely free from anything artificial, which makes it a great deal for those who want to live healthier, especially for the ones who want to improve the way they look, while keeping an eye on everything that goes through their bodies.

Although it’s a little bit pricy, or at least pricier than most competitors, this Paleo Protein is a supplement like no other. 

Julian Bakery Paleo Protein contains only protein from grass-fed beef from pastured cows that are tested free for hormones and antibiotics.

This is very important to a lot of their customers.

The protein powder also contains different natural extracts such as cocoa powder, vanilla extract, organic coffee (depending on the flavor), stevia (natural sweetener), and even probiotics for better digestion.

It’s absolutely GMO, soy and gluten free, with no artificial sweeteners, fillers, colors and preservatives.

Paleo Protein comes in three great flavors: Unflavored Beef Protein, Double Chocolate, and Vanilla Nut.

Each serving of ~30 grams provides you with about 23 grams of protein of the finest quality, 3 grams of fat, and 2 grams of carbohydrates (1).

For more information see the example Nutrition Facts label for the Vanilla Nut flavor:

Each package of 2 lbs comes with 30 servings, which is enough for a 30-day supply with one serving per day.


Why Paleo?

Because it’s the most natural way of eating since the dawn of mankind (2).

If you’ve never tried it, you should definitely consider buying this product, especially if you are a Paleo fan or just want to live your life in a little bit healthier way.

But there are a few things you should keep in mind. Julian Bakery Paleo Protein is probably not the kind of protein you are used to.

First of all, it promotes recovery and muscle growth.

If you are working out regularly, or you are someone with a busy schedule with poor recover abilities, you need to increase your protein intake. It’s a whole food protein, which means it’s better than almost any other competitor on the market.

If you consume real food, you get real results. It’s that simple!

Its full amino profile also helps with improving your strength and energy levels, and keeps you fresh and ready for your workouts.

And it’s low on fat and cholesterol, which means you don’t have to worry about your body fat levels and health (assuming you are keeping an active lifestyle).

Julian Bakery Paleo Protein also improves the immune system and helps you with the support of your overall health.

Not too bad for a protein powder, right?

Side Effects

There aren’t any side effects known from the usage of Julian Bakery Paleo Protein.

However, using this product is not recommended if you’ve ever experienced allergic symptoms like nausea, sickness or rashes from any of the main ingredients (although there haven’t been any reported cases of such a thing).

Note that some people are intolerant to animal sources of food, so if you feel that meat is not your thing, you could consider buying some vegetarian or vegan protein based supplements like a meal replacement shake.

How to take Paleo Protein

You can take Julian Bakery Paleo Protein at any time or any place.

In the morning on an empty stomach is probably best, when you want stop the catabolic state of your body.

You also want to take protein prior to your workouts to boost your energy level and performance AND post workout, in order to speed up your recovery and start building those muscles immediately.

You can even take protein before bed, to ensure an anabolic environment for growth during the night.

Some people like to take a protein supplement between meals as a snack, or at any time of the day, to replace a meal or satisfy a craving. Or just to provide your body with additional amino acids for support.

Although the recommended dosage is one serving a day, you can easily add an extra scoop or two, if you feel your body could use the extra protein boost.

Just mix one scoop of Julian Bakery Paleo Protein with water or milk (note that milk adds some extra protein, but also a slide shot of calories from fats and carbs to your shake) and there you have it.


Instant wholesome, natural, muscle-carving protein.

Company Details

Julian Bakery is a mid-size supplement company, known for its attitude for better living and natural dieting.

They offer a large catalogue of products, all of which are free from GMO, artificial sweeteners, colors and preservatives – a leader on the market with proven name and guaranteed quality. 

They offer some cool diet and exercise plans on their website, too.

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