Friday, June 16, 2017

The inside scoop on Swipe & NaturCare

Swipe & NaturCare is a multilevel marketing company that is based in Australia and New Zealand, and sells home cleaning products under the brand name Swipe, as well as personal care cosmetics under the label NaturCare.

It’s definitely a smaller MLM, as it serves a region that’s less prominent in the world of MLM marketplaces.  On top of that, Swipe & NaturCare sells a relatively narrow selection of product types.

Have I been involved? This explains everything:

In terms of public interest, neither branch of this MLM is particularly popular.  Both Swipe Australia and Naturcare do poorly when looking at internet search engine traffic.  

Both relevant search terms have the pattern classically seen with a low-volume company; some months, the search volume is so low that it doesn’t even register.  Depending on whether you’re an optimist or a pessimist, you can view this as either the sign of an untapped market, or a fringe brand that is never going to make it big.


The two branches of Swipe & NaturCare sell products that appeal to a similar clientele, but serve different needs.  Swipe, as you might guess from the name, focuses on cleaning products for household use, while NaturCare focuses on hair care, body care, and skin care products.

Swipe prides itself on having non-toxic and biodegradable cleaning products.  They offer multipurpose cleaners, as well as specialized products for cleaning the kitchen, bathroom, doing laundry, and doing industrial cleaning work.

The products are quite cheap, pretty minimalist, and functional.  They don’t have much in the way of strange herbal ingredients or overpriced boutique-style items.  The packaging speaks volumes about the design philosophy.  

The story is largely the same for NaturCare, except applied to cosmetics.  In this case, the minimal and functional approach is less convincing.  In the case of cosmetics, having some science to back up your products, or some fancy exotic ingredients, helps differentiate your product from what’s available on the open market through major retailers. 

NaturCare is pretty sparse on the details with respect to their cosmetic products, which doesn’t help you on the sales front.  You can anticipate the kinds of questions you’ll get: “What’s so special about NaturCare’s Herbal Shampoo? How is it any better than what I already use?”  

Without marketing info from the company, it’s going to be hard to push sales, especially when so many products on the open market advertise themselves as biodegradable, “green,” and eco-friendly.

In this situation, the best sales pitch (though still a relatively weak one compared to other MLMs you could work for) is for convenience.  If the product philosophy of minimalist, eco-friendly design fits your customers’ needs, they can get all the cleaning and personal care supplies they need delivered on a regular basis.

Compensation plan

With a weak product selection, it’s going to take a very strong compensation plan to make Swipe & NaturCare look like an attractive option for getting into the direct sales industry.  

What’s the costs to join? A cool $99 (Australian dollars of course) for the Swipe Starter Kit, which lets you become a qualified distributor for Swipe & NaturCare.  To stay active, you’ll need monthly orders of $100 or more to stay at the first level on the unilevel compensation plan, which is called being a consultant.  

The company uses elements of the party plan to promote sales, but more traditional MLM growth options are available.  In this sense, the plan is unusual; to move up to the second level (of “senior consultant”) there are three different ways to do it.

First, you can host two product sales parties with total sales of $600 combined.  Second, you can sponsor at least one active consultant below you (meaning $100 per month or more in sales), or third, you can personally order at least $600 in products.  

Clearly the plan incentivizes you to build up your own downline, since getting one active consultant below you only requires $200 in sales (yours plus your active consultant), compared to the other two options which require $600 in sales.

The whole point of moving up in the rankings is so that you can reap the benefits: a $100 voucher towards any product of your choice, a 30% retail discount, which enables you to pocket the difference in profit, a 5% commission on your first level downline sales, and a 1% commission on your second level downline sales.  

Beyond this, if you want to raise your income possibilities more, it gets more challenging.  You need 3 total senior level consultants below you, including one who is not on your first-level downline, plus group volume of over $2000.  That’s a high bar to meet.  

All this gets you is a little bit more bonus money, and the ability to earn 1% commissions on a third level of distributors (plus your second level jumps from 1% to 2%).  


What are we looking at with Swipe & NaturCare? Pretty average products in the household cleaning department, and subpar and unimpressive ones in the personal care department.  

The compensation plan looks interesting for the first two levels, but it’s so hard to move up that it looks unlikely that you’ll ever be able to make more than some spare change as a distributor for this MLM.  If the compensation plan took its innovative options-based approach further, perhaps providing you with different “paths” to go down to reach higher levels of compensation, the story might be different.  

Unfortunately, there really are not any good reasons to recommend Swipe & Naturcare.  The lack of redeeming qualities in any direction means you should probably steer clear of this MLM.

Look, if If you’re doing it for the money, there are better ways to kill your day job.

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