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Ranking the best beard oil supplements of 2017 (review)

Today is a golden age for beard care.

Neglected for decades, beard care products are making a resurgence, with wonderfully-scented and artisan-crafted products available from a wide range of retailers.

With so many options to choose from, it can be a little overwhelming if you don’t know where to start.

Here are the top-ranked beard oil brands of 2017:

1. Honest Amish

Honest Amish can be best-described as a superfood for your beard.

The company’s natural and organic philosophy leads them to use oils in their product that are rich in vitamins and hydrating fats, like avocado oil, pumpkin seed oil, and apricot kernel oil.

Honest Amish also includes craft beard oil mainstays like argan oil and jojoba oil for their moisturizing properties.

When combined with a few essential oils, the classic Honest Amish formulation is a light and crisp fragrance that’s wildly popular among beard enthusiasts.

There is also a fragrance-free version and a premium blend, which adds several more exotic oils for a rich and more complex scent and texture.

For all of these reasons, Honest Amish is the reigning king of beard oils.

2. Bearded Bastard

Bearded Bastard does it all: from simple and airy fragrances to the rough and tough masculine blends to the top-shelf luxury preparations, Bearded Bastard has a recipe for just about every man.

Though each beard oil has a unique formulation, most have a base of grape seed oil, sweet almond oil, argan oil, and jojoba oil.

Combining these oils together allows Bearded Bastard to take advantage of the strengths of each ingredient: the acne-fighting abilities of argan, moisturizing properties of jojoba, and the antioxidant power of grape seed and sweet almond oil.

3. Detroit Grooming

Crafted and made in Detroit Michigan, this line of artisan beard oils is rich in woodsy, masculine scents, and is based entirely on sweet almond oil.

As mentioned above, sweet almond oil can help reduce scarring in your skin, but it’s also a great moisturizer.  Because of this, Detroit Grooming beard oils are great for men who have dry or itchy skin underneath their beards.

Though it lacks the anti-microbial properties of other beard oil ingredients, sweet almond oil does function as a strong antioxidant, protecting your beard from the elements.

4. Mountaineer Brand

If you want a rich, deep, masculine scent to your beard oil, Mountaineer Brand is the way to go.  Its blend of grape seed oil and sweet almond oil help protect your hair and skin from the wear and tear of the elements.  There’s even some evidence, albeit in rats, that grape seed oil can increase hair growth.

Sweet almond oil is also great for reducing scarring from old acne, so Mountaineer Brand can help on that front too.

The only men who won’t be satisfied with Mountaineer Brand are those with active acne or ingrown hairs—it’s not a product designed to address those problems.

5. Leven Rose

Leven Rose is the king of beard oils for men with long beards.  It’s a blend of two of the best beard oil ingredients out there, the skin-soothing and irritation-fighting argan oil, and the moisturizing and non-comedogenic jojoba oil.

These make it a thick, oily formulation that will add shine to your beard.

If you find the fragrances added to other beard oils too noxious or irritating to put right next to your nose, the original Leven Rose is a great choice, since it’s got no added fragrances.  For those who value a scented oil, there are also versions with rose hips and essential oils added.

6. V76

What do Bill Clinton, Tom Brady, and Bruce Springsteen have in common? They all had their hair done by Vaughn, the celebrity barber who designed V76 beard oil.  It’s made specifically for men with short, close-cropped, very thick facial hair.

Unlike the more artisanal blends on this list, V76 isn’t made primarily out of top-of-the-line exotic oils.  Plain old canola oil and olive oil make up the bulk of the product, but it’s got a lot more herbal extracts and obscure ingredients than your average beard oil.

Do they work? That depends on how much you trust the wisdom of the hair wizard who designed it.

V76 also has more of a high-fashion scent to it; it’s been described as light, floral, and vegetal, which is something a little different than the musky, foresty, masculine smells of other beard oils on the market.

7. Dollar Beard Club

Cheap but effective—that’s the motto for Dollar Beard Club’s beard oil.  Their original blend is comprised of sweet almond oil, jojoba oil, and argan oil.  It’s got a rich, woody scent thanks to the cedarwood and fir needle essential oils.

In addition to the pimple-fighting properties of argan oil, the jojoba oil in Dollar Beard Club’s formulation adds a potent moisturizing effect, so it’s a good call if you’ve got rough or dry skin underneath your beard.  It should also help tame coarse, scraggly beard hairs.

The only drawback with Dollar Beard Club’s beard oil is that the sandalwood version might cause your skin to become hypersensitive to sunlight, resulting in blistering and redness.  This is a rare allergy, but it has been reported by users of other cosmetic products made with sandalwood oil.

8.  Beard Czar

This beard oil plays it simple and straight.  Their beard oil is 100% pure Moroccan argan oil, a substance which has a long tradition in both cosmetics and in cooking.

Argan oil is great for cutting down on skin pimples and acne, and acts as an emollient for dry, rough, and irritated skin.  This is great if you ever get razor burn along your beard line, or if you suffer from acne underneath your beard.

Beard Czar is the beard oil for the ultimate minimalist, but this also means it might leave you with something to desire if you are looking for fragrance, fullness, or other beard care properties.

The company also makes a supplement that’s supposed to help promote beard growth, but there’s little evidence it actually works.


Beard oil supplements are essential if you’re trying to grow the baddest beard on the block.

What would your friends think if your beard was growing twice as fast as theirs, and looked twice as good?

If you know you want to try a beard oil but you’re unsure which one to go with – don’t worry – our list narrows down the eight best beard oil supplements on the market to make it easy for you to get started on some serious beard growth.

You can grab the top-rated beard oil here.

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