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Is Vasayo the real deal, or just a scam?

Vasayo is a multilevel marketing company that sells a narrow range of high-end supplements that attack different needs with the same supplement technology.

They call it “liposomal supplements” and the strategy involves encapsulating the supplement that is to be delivered into a microscopic bubble of oil, allowing it to be absorbed more effectively than a standard dietary supplement.

So have I been involved? This explains everything:

As a company, Vasayo is very new.  It was just founded this year, though its founders have plenty of experience in network marketing.  The founders of Vasayo built up MonaVie into a billion-dollar venture in a few years before it evolved into Jeunesse, so they definitely how to run the business side of a MLM.

It’s far, far too early to analyze search engine traffic in-depth, but the initial data looks promising.  The company is in the midst of its initial surge in popularity, and it does not seem like it’s reached its peak yet.  

The key to launching a successful new MLM is building steam with the initial surge in interest, and experience helps in this department.  If Vasayo is the new hot commodity in supplement sales, now would be a great time to get in, assuming its products and compensation plan are legit.


Currently, Vasayo only offers five products: MicroLife Neuro, MicroLife Energy, MicroLife Core Essentials, MicroLife Renew, and MicroLife Sleep.  As the names suggest, each product is focused on a specific need.

In four of the five cases, the effects are related to a specific well-being outcome.  Core Essentials is the exception; it’s a pretty straightforward multivitamin supplement.  Its ingredients are mostly “letter vitamins”: Vitamins A, B, C, D, E, and K, as well as a couple of minerals as well.  

It’s not as comprehensive of a multivitamin as other competitors offer, and its ingredients are pretty basic: the vitamins aren’t derived from any rare or special source, and they aren’t delivered in overly extravagant amounts.  The main selling point is the company’s liposomal technology, which allegedly increases absorption and bioavailability.

Unfortunately, there isn’t any scientific research on this, either conducted by the company or by independent researchers.

As Vasayo’s multilevel marketing company expands, they may increase the amount of scientific backing they have in their marketing material, but currently, you’ve basically got to take the company at its word.  This isn’t particularly attractive, given how expensive the supplements are compared to products available elsewhere on the market with basically the same ingredients.

The companion products that focus on specific biological needs are similar in nature.  The product is a high-priced version with most of the common supplement ingredients you’d find in a competitor’s product, but encapsulated in Vasayo’s liposomal process.  

MicroLife Sleep, for example, is a combination of GABA, N-Acetylcysteine, and melatonin, plus the proprietary liposomal blend.  

Melatonin is known to be a widely effective sleep aid; according to a review study published in 1993 by Drew Dawson and Nicola Encel at the University of Adelaide in Australia, melatonin triggers sleepiness by kick-starting the body’s process that detects the change from day to night, and reduces core temperature and arousal.  

Because of this, it not only helps create the onset of sleep, but also can increase sleep quality once you’ve fallen asleep.

So, the MicroLife Sleep blend likely does work well, but does it work any better than a basic melatonin supplement? And does the liposomal encapsulation formulation have anything to do with this?

Sadly, the company provides no research on this whatsoever, not even internal studies on the effectiveness of their process versus a similar product without the liposomal technology.

Compensation plan

If you’re willing to go along with the company’s proposition, you currently need to join up by setting up an autoship (or “recurring loyalty program” in company parlance).  The cheapest one is $50 per month, so you can view this as a recurring business cost.  

To start earning money, you need to maintain 80 product volume per month (equal to $114 in sales, so an additional $64 in sales, counting your auto-ship).  From here, you get 20% in commissions on direct customer sales.

The plan is a binary compensation plan, which is popular among recently-founded MLMs.  If you’re not familiar with how they work, a binary plan only permits two first-line distributors below you.  These distributors lead up two “legs” of sales, and your performance bonuses and commissions are based on the weaker leg (i.e. the one that sells less).  

Currently, bonuses heavily favor introducing new customers and distributors to Vasayo.  This makes sense, as it’s so new.  

Eventually you can expect changes to make the standard downline commissions more attractive, but right now the company needs to grow, so it will compensate you for getting lots of customers and lots of new distributors to place introductory orders.


Whether or not to jump into Vasayo hinges on two questions.  First, do you trust the company’s technology given only their word? There’s no scientific research that shows that Vasayo’s liposomal encapsulation process is any more efficacious than standard supplement delivery beyond the company claiming that it is.  

Second, do you want to get in early? This is a high risk but potentially high payoff endeavor.  Realize that, as an early adopter, you’ll be focusing on pumping up your new customer and new downline distributor numbers as fast as possible.

There’s no sense swimming against the current; if you want to make money, you have to do what the compensation plan incentivizes you to do.  If this sounds like your cup of tea, have at it; otherwise, look elsewhere.

If you’re just doing it for the money, there are better ways to kill your day job. You might like our coaching because it shows you the good life without peddling products to your family and friends.

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