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Everything you need to know about Seacret Direct

Nope, it’s not a misspelling: Seacret Direct is a multilevel marketing company that is known for its anti-aging cosmetics that incorporate minerals sourced from the Dead Sea.

The company’s cosmetic products have a high-end exclusive look to them, and a price tag to accompany it.

But if you could sling a lot of product you could make some decent money.

So have I been involved? This explains everything:

The company has been experiencing rapid growth in the past several years.  In 2014, its revenue increased by 100%, and it was named the fastest-growing MLM of the year according to Direct Sales News.

The company was founded by two brothers from Israel who capitalized on their connections to Dead Sea minerals and turned them into a line of cosmetic products.

Unfortunately, the company hasn’t been able to sustain its success.  Search engine traffic shows the classic pattern of a multilevel marketing company that hits it big, then slides backwards in relevance.  

Search volume shot upwards in 2012, 2013, and 2014, as the company added distributors and became better known, but by 2015 it was sliding backward.  Currently, search engine traffic is only about one quarter of what it was a few years ago, and the decline shows no sign of abating.


So, what gives? Are the products not all they’re cracked up to be, or is something else causing the company’s decline in relevancy?  We’ll have to pry under the hood to find out.

As mentioned earlier, the products offered by Seacret Direct are very much on the high end.  They come in thick, semi-translucent containers and definitely have a luxury look and feel to them.

The setup for the product line at Seacret Direct is about in line with what you’d expect from an anti-aging cosmetic company.  There are several different products for different areas of the face and neck:  REFRESH moisturizes larger areas of the head, while a product like REGAIN is specifically tuned for the area around your eyes.

The company claims a scientific approach to its cosmetics.  Indeed, they present some pretty impressive-looking photographs and charts.  One study of the depth of wrinkles shows a reduction of over 50% in the depth of wrinkles on the face, as measured by a precise scientific tool that looks at wrinkle depth.

Seacret Direct also claims the results take place very rapidly, so it’s clear that the products aren’t actually healing wrinkles.  It’s merely reducing their appearance (but that’s the end goal anyways, right?).  

It goes about doing this with a special chemical process that happens when you apply a product like RESTORE Age-defying Face Cream.  

Using a combination of ingredients like grape oil, collagens, silk proteins, and others, the product forms a thin film that lays on top of all of the deep crevices on your face, then tightens like an elastic net when it dries.  This lifts up your wrinkles, reducing their depth and giving your skin a smoother, younger look.

The company cites “clinical studies” in support of the efficacy of Seacret Direct cosmetics, but it’s clear that these are all in-house operations.  

Some important parts of the proper scientific method, such as peer review, replication, and placebo control, are not usually part of in-house research, and Seacret Direct’s clinical studies on their products haven’t been published in any scientific journals.

This brings us to what might be the best explanation for the decline in the popularity of Seacret Direct: the price.  Perhaps because of their rare, exclusive ingredients, the anti-aging serums and creams from Seacret Direct are astoundingly spendy.  

One tub of REFRESH, which contains 1.7 fluid ounces of product, costs a cool $250 retail.  Maybe the products do work, but not well enough to justify such a tremendously high price tag.  

Even if they work great, it’s going to be a rare customer that doesn’t buy one or two products and save them only for special occasions.  

Unless you rub elbows with the super-rich on a regular basis, you’re not likely to find anybody willing to shell out hundreds of dollars per month on anti-aging cosmetics.  And if they are…they’re probably just going to get botox!

Compensation plan

The repeat-customer problem starts to come into focus when you look at the compensation plan for Seacret Direct.  The first few ranks of the compensation plan aren’t even set up for anybody looking to make money.  

Referrals and hosting product parties can get you product credit, but to actually earn money, you have to become an “agent” (yes, a Seacret Agent), or distributor in layman’s terms.

Becoming an agent requires referral from another agent, plus paying a $50 annual fee.  After that, you have additional hoops to jump through to make any money.

First, you need to have four active customers per month.  In addition, your weekly sales must be at least 200 product volume, and you need a monthly auto-ship of 35 product volume.  Got all that?  Okay, now you can start making money.  

The retail discounts for Seacret Agents can be huge: nearly 60% in some cases.  The commission’s rates are also tremendously high.  What other MLM offers 20% commission rates? Some don’t even have retail discounts that high!


With Seacret Direct, the products appear to work well (though there’s no independent research demonstrating it), but the compensation plan makes it really, really tough to make money when you start out.  

You need to sell an incredibly high amount of product, in terms of dollars in sales, to even start earning money.  And as outlined earlier, the fact that these products are so tremendously expensive makes it very hard to consistently sell products.

Unless you have a ton of ultra-rich and ultra-wrinkled friends, steer clear of this MLM.  The business model just isn’t sustainable, and it’s too hard to consistently qualify for earning income.

Bottom line is, there are better ways to kill your day job.

You might like this coaching because it shows you the good life without peddling products to your family and friends.

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