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Everything you need to know about TruVision

TruVision is a leading weight loss MLM.  It’s most famous for its TruFIX and TruCONTROL supplements, which promise to help manage your blood chemistry and control your weight.

It’s a bit unique in that the Truvision approach prescribes no dietary or exercise changes; the premise is that you take their supplements and will lose weight to the tune of four to seven pounds in the first week on the program.

So did I get on board? This explains everything:

All good? Let’s continue…

When it comes to name recognition, TruVision is a new kid on the block.  Search engine traffic for the company was essentially nil up until 2014.  Since then, growth has been solid, but not explosive.  The company has yet to make it big, which is reflected in the hardscrabble, bare bones feel of its website.  

Revenue does seem to be picking up; according to a press release from the company released in April, the company grew by 130% during the first quarter of 2017.  

This could indicate that the company is on the verge of experiencing rapid growth, as many MLMs do a few years after they take off.  Whether this actually happens or not depends to some extent on the quality of their main products, as well as the ease of making a living off their compensation structure.


The company’s selection is fairly broad, though TruFIX and TruCONTROL are the flagship products. They are sold in combo packs that last for 30 days.

TruFIX aims to fix your blood chemistry by lowering blood sugar, blood lipids, and cholesterol, among other goals.  

Technically, the company claims the product “benefits” these parameters, but even this phrasing might run afoul of Food and Drug Administration rules: high blood sugar and elevated cholesterol are both medical conditions, and because of that, anything that claims to treat them needs to undergo the usual testing and approval process.  

Other MLMs have gotten in trouble for just this kind of thing, so it’s something to keep in mind when evaluating the company’s potential future.

Regardless, TruFIX does include several mainstays of popular weight loss supplements on the market currently.  The core ingredients are green coffee bean extract, raspberry ketones, cinnamon bark extract, and alpha lipoic acid.  

Green coffee bean extract has something of a checkered history as a weight loss supplement.  

Initial research was promising: a 2006 study in rats found that a green coffee bean extract was able to slow the accumulation of fat and reduce weight gain in rats fed an obesity inducing diet.  Rats whose diet included green coffee bean extract gained less weight than those who did not.

This was followed by a very impressive clinical trial in humans published in 2012.  It appeared to show tremendous weight loss among a fairly large sample of volunteers thanks to green coffee bean extract.  But after critics pointed out inconsistencies and flaws in the study’s design and data, the authors formally retracted it.

As it stands now, green coffee bean extract is known to have stimulant qualities thanks to its caffeine content, but whether it is beneficial beyond that is unknown.  There’s no doubt more research underway, but for now, the utility of it as a weight loss aid is largely unproven.

Sadly, the same is true for raspberry ketones.  The story is similar: initial basic research seemed promising.  A 2012 study in rats showed that a raspberry ketone supplement protected rat livers from the damaging effects of a high-fat, obesity-inducing diet.  

However, follow-up studies in humans have not been conducted, with the exception of a few industry-sponsored studies of multi-ingredient weight loss supplements that include raspberry ketones as one of several ingredients.

Cinnamon bark extract and alpha lipoic acid are in a similar place.  Early stage research in animals has provided evidence for a plausible anti-obesity mechanism for each supplement, but there’s no solid evidence in humans for the efficacy of either ingredient.

TruCONTROL also incorporates an amalgam of popular weight loss supplements.  

Its most salient ingredients include green tea extract (a strong weight loss promoter), caffeine (popular, but can cause jitters, especially when combined with other sources of caffeine like green tea and green coffee bean extract), and some lesser-known supplements like yohimbine and black pepper extract.  

There isn’t a whole lot of rhyme or reason behind this particular composition of ingredients, other than the fact that many of them provide caffeine.

Compensation plan

The basic sign-up fee for TruVision is $35.  As you might expect, you are strongly encouraged to sign yourself up for a trial of the company’s products yourself, too.  

TruVision is a unilevel MLM, meaning you can structure the distributors below you however you please.  The commission rates are pretty good; even at the most basic level, you can earn 7% commissions from distributors immediately below you in the hierarchy.  

To maintain active distributor status, you do need to maintain 100 product volume monthly sales on a consistent basis (hence the strongly encouraged autoship).  Distributorship entitles you to a wholesale discount, as you’d expect, but it’s only between 20 and 30%.  

The earnings potential is pretty murky.  TruVision is pretty new, and there aren’t many reviews on it, much less an income disclosure statement.  


A brief history, indications of potential growth, and core supplements that are a bit questionable–TruVision is very much a mixed bag.  It’s pretty tempting to call their basic weight loss program nothing but a caffeine-injected stimulant pack.  

If you’re the cautious type, steer clear of this one.  If you think you see a market opportunity, run some numbers on what kind of sales you can reasonably expect to make before signing up, because data on the viability of being a distributor for this MLM are sorely lacking.

Bottom line is, if you’re simply doing it for the money, there are better ways to kill your day job.

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