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Javita review – is it the real deal?

Javita is a multilevel marketing organization that focuses on just one thing: coffee.

Though MLM schemes that involve just one product are rarely a winning formula, the vast popularity of coffee (consumed by about half the adult population of planet earth) gives it a huge potential market to tap into.

Did I get on board? This explains everything:

According to BusinessForHome, Javita’s revenue soared towards $360 million in 2014, a more than threefold increase from the year before.

However, interest has waned since then.  Search engine traffic shows a long, slow decline from the zenith of Javita’s popularity in 2014 and 2015, with current search traffic only about a quarter of what it was at its peak a few years ago.  This is not a good sign in terms of brand recognition or the relative ability of the product to reach out into new sales territory.


While the company’s focus remains on coffee, Javita has attempted to counter its waning popularity by expanding to products like prepackaged energy drink mixes and tea.  The core product category remains its coffee, however.

Javita’s instant coffee is fortified with a range of herbal supplements and extracts with different goals.  Its Javita Burn + Control mix, for example, includes the South American tea herb Yerba Mate and the weight loss supplement Garcinia cambogia.

The synergy between the stimulant qualities of all three ingredients is supposed to help you lose weight and keep it off by increasing your baseline metabolism.

The Energy + Mind blend, on the other hand, includes the nootropic supplement Bacopa monnieri.  This supplement was shown to increase your ability to remember new information in a 2002 study in the scientific journal Neuropsychopharmacology.

The experiment, conducted by researchers in Australia, found that a Bacopa monnieri extract helped decrease the rate of forgetting new information learned.  This, combined with the well-known cognitive boosting properties of the caffeine that’s naturally in coffee, make it a good choice for studying or other cognitively demanding tasks that require both immediate performance and long-term retention of the information you’re processing.

The tea offerings from Javita include a non-caffeinated herbal cleanse blend and a green tea blend fortified with garcinia cambogia for weight loss.

Green tea itself is a widely-known weight loss aid.  In a 2005 study published in the research journal Obesity, scientists described a study in which the caffeine intake and green tea intake were evaluated for their efficacy as weight loss agents.

The results showed that caffeine intake was strongly associated with weight loss, mostly due to the higher metabolic rate associated with caffeine.  The real key, though, was that green tea intake independently was associated with weight loss, so it seems that green tea itself increases fat oxidation and metabolic rate, independent of its moderate caffeine content.

Garcinia cambogia, on the other hand, has a more checkered past.  While it is widely lauded for its weight loss potential, it hasn’t held up too well in clinical trials.  A study published in 1998 by Steven B Heymsfield and other researchers at Columbia University College of Physicians and Surgeons studied the anti-obesity potential of Garcinia cambogia in a group of 135 overweight or obese subjects.

The study was placebo-controlled, meaning that half the subjects received a dummy pill that was inactive.  The subjects took their assigned supplement for twelve weeks, after which the researchers compared their fat mass to their levels at the beginning.

Despite the quite large does of the Garcinia cambogia supplement, the long duration of the study, and the large sample size, the researchers found there was no difference between the experimental and control groups in terms of body weight or fat loss.  Both groups did lose weight, but the difference between the groups was not significant.

Compensation plan

Javita’s compensation model is pretty simple and straightforward.  The signup fee is $99, which gives you a year’s membership plus $20 in product orders.  There are higher investment levels beyond this, and they qualify you for special bonuses associated with being higher up in the “pecking order” and better commission rates.

Javita does include a 50-product autoship every month, meaning you need to be able to consistently move product in order to stay ahead of the curve.  If you can’t maintain the autoship sales, you don’t get paid!

The higher levels of membership increase the autoship to 100 product volume per month, which makes sense given that you should be substantially increasing your sales volume if your goal is to move up in the company.

There are bonuses and incentives, including their luxury car program for their top performers, but these won’t be on your radar until you’re several levels up in the hierarchy.


The relatively limited product selection of Javita makes it a hard sell—though a lot of people drink coffee, the market for coffee and tea that’s fortified with herbal supplements is not that big, barring future research that proves their efficacy.

On top of that, the health and weight loss benefits of the herbal supplements are varied – while Bacopa monnieri looks like a pretty solid nootropic supplement to add to a cup of coffee, the Garcinia cambogia herbal extract is less stellar when it comes to the Lean + Green weight loss tea.

Given the fairly high and mandatory auto-ship requirements, plus a higher than average initial startup fee, it’s hard to justify joining Javita unless you’ve already got a solid base of herbal fortified coffee drinkers in your back pocket that you can draw on when you launch your multilevel marketing distribution network.

If you’re doing it for the money, there are better ways to kill your day job. You might like our coaching because it shows you the good life without peddling overpriced juice to your family and friends.

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