Thursday, April 27, 2017

Essante Organics review – a legit MLM company?

The MLM company Essante Organics focuses on organic, toxin-free personal care items that you’ll use every day.

Their mission is in part a reaction to cosmetic and personal care products that contain chemicals or compounds that aren’t vetted, or aren’t sourced the best possible way.

Did I get on board? This explains everything:

They carry pretty much anything you’d find in your bathroom: toothpaste, tanning lotion, lip balm, and more.  Essante Organics is also committed to never conduct animal testing on any of its products.

Their commitment to natural ingredients goes deeper than just sourcing organic ingredients.  They also commit to never use genetically modified organisms, never use plant ingredients that are grown with pesticides, and “toxin free,” though they don’t detail exactly how rigorous their toxin screening process is.

In terms of popularity, their absolute search engine traffic is fairly low, so it’s hard to tell whether it’s trending upward or downward.  To be sure, the product market is fairly niche: people who are willing to spend more money for a product that is guaranteed to be natural and toxin-free.


Essante Organics offers a wide range of health and body products, but their bestsellers are their turnkey solution “packs” for different needs.

For example, they sell a Toxin Free Body pack that contains tooth polish, shower gel, shampoo, hair conditioner, a vitamin C facial cleanser, and a rejuvenating moisturizer lotion.  This acts as a total solution for people who want to move from their current toothpaste, soap, shampoo, conditioner, cleanser, and moisturizer to something that is natural and toxin-free.

There is an increasing level of concern over exposure to toxic chemicals in cosmetics.  These aren’t the classic toxins that might come to mind, like lead or mercury–they are organic compounds that are suspected to have subtle but serious effects on fetal development and hormone levels, especially in children.

One category of compound that’s of particular concern is phthalates.  This chemical category includes some molecules that are structurally similar to human hormones like estrogen.  As such, they are associated with developmental problems in children, especially in boys (who aren’t supposed to be exposed to high estrogen levels).

Concerns about phthalates in cosmetics was analyzed by Hyun Jung Koo & Byung Mu Lee in a 2010 scientific article published in the Journal of Toxicology and Environmental Health, Part A.  In it, Koo and Lee examined the exposure potential to phthalates in a variety of cosmetic products.

Over 100 nail polish, perfume, and deodorant products were tested, and many contained phthalates.  Over half the perfumes contained an endocrine disrupting phthalate; two of the eight deodorants likewise contained a harmful phthalate, and just under half of all nail polishes contained phthalates.

While the authors found that the individual exposure to each of these was likely small, they did caution that repeated exposure to multiple products every day could have a cumulative effect.  What if your nail polish, deodorant, and perfume (plus who knows what other personal care products) contained phthalates?  It is precisely this kind of concern that makes the turnkey solutions offered by Essante Organics attractive.

Essante Organics is also known for their Z3 Anti-Aging trio of products that’s been endorsed by Hollywood stars.  The three products consist of a repair cream, a “facelift” cream, and an eye cream.  These products purport to be like a “facelift in a bottle,” and dramatically reduce wrinkling and increase skin elasticity.

As you might guess, you have to trust the company’s internal research on this one; there’s no independent verification of these claims.  And while the ingredients are all natural, there are quite a few of them, so it’s not like there is one specific ingredient you can research for its efficacy.  Regardless, the results are guaranteed to be “immediate,” so it’ll only take one application to see whether it works for you or not.

Compensation plan

There’s a $29.95 cost to join Essante Organics and get access to wholesale prices, but this is a one-time fee, unlike other companies which charge a yearly subscription fee.  You can also purchase a $199 “basic affiliate” pack or a $499 “Elite Pack” which qualify you for higher levels and higher bonuses from the get-go.

In any case, though, you need to maintain a high product volume and especially recruit a lot of distributors underneath you in order to maintain or increase your rank, which enables you to earn bonuses and get higher commissions.  As with many MLM setups, you’ll need a rock solid plan ready-made before you buy in.  Do you have a market? Do you have distributors you can sign up? Without these, it’ll be very hard to make money under Essante Organics’ compensation plan.


The appeal of the products offered by Essante Organics is clear: they offer an alternative to the synthetic-chemical laden products that probably fill your bathroom cabinet and shower right now.

If you are concerned about exposure to toxic compounds in traditional personal care products, it’s an appealing sales angle, though the prices for their products are substantially higher than the non-organic and non-natural alternatives.

The compensation plan for Essante Organics is somewhat opaque, making it hard to identify exactly how feasible a business plan as a distributor is.  Regardless, the plan definitely rewards recruiting lots of distributors and moving a lot of product, and doing so on a consistent month to month basis, so be ready to have a business plan ready to roll if you do end up signing up.

If you’re set on MLM, Essante Organics isn’t terrible, but probably not the most profitable opportunity, either.

If you’re doing it for the money, there are better ways to kill your day job. You might like our coaching because it shows you the good life without peddling products to your family and friends.

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