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The side effects and benefits of pyrethrum

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Anacyclus pyrethrum is a form of aphrodisiac, testosterone booster and also an important medicine when it comes to ayurveda.

Pyrethrum (anacyclus pyrethrum, chamomile, permethrin, and pyrethrin) is a virility enhancing and pro-fertility herb that is in its preliminary stages of being tested on rodents. The plant consists of alkylamides as the main bioactives. According to the preliminary evidence, the traditional claims of libido enhancement and increased fertility, as well as a major brain tonic are confirmed with initial tests. Pyrethrum is found to have anti convulsive and anti amnesiac effects.

It is important to note that anacyclus pyrethrum is in no way associated with the insecticides. Insecticides are made from a plant named tanacetum cinerariifolium and anacyclus pyrethrum and pyrethrum insecticide only have similarity in their names and in nothing else.

It is also found that applying anacyclus pyrethrum can cause warmth and reddening of the skin and can also cause some tingling.

Anacyclus pyrethrum is extracted from ayurveda, and is a plant and herb. It has been used traditionally for centuries as a fertility herb and has also been found to be effective when it comes to treating brain related problems such as hemiplegia, paralysis, epilepsy, cephalalgia, rheumatism. It has also been widely used to stimulate to flow of blood to the face and brain hence increasing the mucus and salivation flow.

Health benefits of anacyclus pyrethrum

Pyrethrum is found very helpful when it comes to the enhancement of virility and increasing fertility.  Other than that, there are also some other benefits of using anacyclus pyrethrum.

Anacyclus pyrethrum is found to be very effective when it comes to the treatment of epilepsy. If an amount equal to 200-600 mg/kg of anacyclus pyrethrum is taken about 30 minutes before an electroshock is given to the patient, it is found to be very effective in treating the patient and making them better. It can help protect the patient against seizures. There are anti convulsive properties in anacyclus pyrethrum that can help the patients of epilepsy [1].

Taking supplements having anacyclus pyrethrum is found to be effective in the retention and acquisition of memory. Social memory is also found to be enhanced when anacyclus pyrethrum is taken. Anacyclus pyrethrum is found to have anti-amnesiac effects and is found helpful in reducing seizures since it has a number of anti-convulsive properties [2]. It is important to understand that the pro cognitive properties of anacyclus pyrethrum have not yet been evaluated of it to be used as a nootropic.

Anacyclus pyrethrum is found to be helpful when it comes to preventing the immunosuppresion of macrophages and also increase their phagocytosis. It works best in this case when taken with cyclophosphamide [3].

The count of immune cells in the spleen tends to enhance when anacyclus pyrethrum is injected in the amount of 25-50 mg/kg. This suggests that anacyclus pyrethrum has a mitogenic effect [4].

Taking anacyclus pyrethrum’s water extract for over 28 days has properties of enhancing libido. The penile erection index is increased along with the intromission and mounting frequency. These libido enhancing properties are dependent on the time and dosage of anacyclus pyrethrum.

When an oral ingestion of anacyclus pyrethrum is taken for over 28 days, the weight of the testicles is found to increase. There are no abnormal histological signs associated with taking the herb. When anacyclus pyrethrum is taken in large amounts, it is also similar to taking injections of testosterone.

There has also been a noted increase in the fructose content, viability, count and motility of sperms when anacyclus pyrethrum is taken.

Anacyclus pyrethrum is found to be a great remedy for impotency and also for treating erectile dysfunction. It is not found to increase the pressure of blood and other than that, it serves the same functionality as SILDENAFIL. The side effects are also found to be less than those of SILDENAFIL.

Gargling with anacyclus pyrethrum water is found helpful in treating sore throat and pharyngitis. It is also found to be beneficial in treating gum diseases and toothache.  Massaging anacyclus pyrethrum powder on aching tooth can help in the reduction of toothache.

Side effects of anacyclus pyrethrum

Anacyclus pyrethrum is considered possibly safe. If you are not already suffering from gastritis, burning sensation, inflammatory bowel diseases, acidity or ulcer, anacyclus pyrethrum can be used and does not have any dangerous side effects.

If there is an unwise use or a high dosage of anacyclus pyrethrum taken, it can lead to the following side effects;

  • Mouth ulcer
  • Excessive salivation
  • Heart burn
  • Burning sensation
  • Aggravate ulcer condition
  • Acidity

Anacyclus pyrethrum is found to stimulate uterine bleeding, stimulate the flow of menstrual blood and induce contractions of uterine. Thus, it is advised not to use it during pregnancy.

Anacyclus pyrethrum is also found to decrease the flow of milk from breast, thus, is it not safe to be used while breastfeeding [5].

It is advised not to use anacyclus pyrethrum if you have any of the following conditions

  • Acidity
  • Burning sensation in stomach
  • History of mouth ulcers
  • Ulcerative colitis
  • Heart burn or
  • Ulcer

The data gathered up till now is in the preliminary stages and is not expansive by any means. However, the current dosages prescribed for anacyclus pyrethrum are not in any case found to be linked with lethality.

Summary: Anacyclus pyrethrum is found to enhance virility and also help in boosting fertility along with a number of other uses and benefits. It is a major enhancer of libido and also tends to help in increasing fertility. Apart from these effects, anacyclus pyrethrum is also found to have anti amnesiac and anti convulsive effects, thus it is used as a brain tonic as well. Anacyclus pyrethrum is one of the most famous forms of aphrodisiac, testosterone booster and also an important part of Ayurveda. Always consult your physician before taking anacyclus pyrethrum or any other kind of supplement to keep yourself away from any possible side effects.

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