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The side effects and benefits of alanine

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Alanine is regarded as a non-essential amino-acid that is responsible for building important proteins in the body. It is one of the most important nutrients for amino acid metabolism in the blood, and after it has been synthesized it is absorbed by the liver and then converted. The compound is important, especially when it comes to blood sugar management and glucose production.

Alanine supplements are often used to treat hypoglycaemia, in order to prevent organisms to suffer from insulin shocks or low blood sugar levels. The supplement works to immediately release glucose in the blood stream, thereby ensuring better health. Other important functions of this amino acid ensure supporting the immune system and preventing kidney stones. This is the reason why alanine is often used as a treatment option in orthomolecular medicine.

You can suffer from a shortage of alanine in the body due to poor nutrition, the environment, stress, and a low protein diet. However, you shouldn’t worry as you can easily compensate it with dietary supplements.

Side effects of alanine

Some side effects can include ongoing muscle atrophy, faintness or fatigue, but you won’t have to worry about this if you take the proper dosage of alanine.

Alanine can be easily lost and washed away in foods, because it has strong hydrophilic properties. Therefore foods that have large amounts of alanine shouldn’t be soaked or cooked for too long. It can be found in proteins such as beef and fish, and it is recommended that you should consume them to cover your recommended daily dose of alanine.


3 to 6 grams of beta alanine per day is a recommended dosage if you weigh anywhere between 100lbs to 200 lbs. (1)

Benefits of alanine

Alanine plays a key role in the regulatory functioning of the body, and aids muscle growth, while it is also considered to be great for increasing overall metabolism in the body. Alanine is absorbed from the blood in the liver and is then converted, which allows it to work faster and supply energy where it is required, so that the body can continue performing at a higher level. This is why athletes prefer using alanine supplements to achieve their personal goals.

Alanine also works to improve the immune system, and also eliminates the danger of getting kidney stones. Alanine chemically neutralizes toxic compounds in the body, which prevent kidney stones in the body, while also ensuring a healthier immune system. The supplement has also been known to treat individuals who suffer from low blood sugar levels, since it aids in generating glucose in the body from other amino acids (2).

There have been numerous studies that have shown that alanine protects the prostate gland from irregular enlargements, which can cause severe pains and problems when urinating. People who suffer from such a condition can effectively get this problem taken care of by consuming alanine supplements. Many doctors have also used alanine to reduce the gland’s tissue, and have been used regularly to treat prostate cancer (3)

Alanine has also been successfully used by many doctors to treat illnesses, which is why it is often found in orthomolecular medication. It has the ability to influence blood sugar in a positive manner and has been used frequently to prevent prostate cancer in men. There are numerous studies that have shown that alanine also stimulates the immune system in a positive manner by reducing inflammation, and helping balance as well as stabilize the entire human body.

A study conducted in 2002 gave proof between the relationship of alanine and the secretion of insulin in the pancreas. It showed that if glucose was allowed to react with alanine, it will result in increased production and excretion of glucose, which will have a positive impact on diabetes. Once the metabolism of glucose has been improved, the overall symptoms can then be eliminated completely (4). This will then reduce complications that lead to secondary conditions from diabetes, and will greatly improve the quality of life of the patient.

A different study backed up the claims that alanine can have a positive impact on the human body when it comes to dealing with diabetes. The study showed that using alanine can result in increased physical fitness, particularly when it was combined with exercise. It also showed that the supplement can protect an individual against cardiovascular disease, and over 400 individuals were given alanine supplements and placebos to test the theory. The group that took alanine showed much better results when they were asked to exercise, and also showed lower fat readings in the blood (5).

Athletes generally require bigger supplement amino acids to ensure that they are able to build muscle mass quickly. Therefore they often consume protein powder in their training to ensure that the protein dissolves into the bloodstream rapidly and aids them in growing and repairing muscles. However, they can also start eating food with alanine, which will allow them to easily and safely grow muscles.

You should make sure that you don’t consume too much fat, when eating a protein rich diet and certain food can cause problems, such as:

  • Dried white mushrooms
  • Sunflower seeds
  • Wheatgerms
  • Soymeal
  • Parsley

Eating these foods will improve physical fitness when they are consumed over longer time periods.

Alanine plays a major role in the different metabolic processes that take place in the body, and does a great job in regulating blood sugar levels. The supplement has been used regularly to treat against low sugar shocks, since it is able to increase insulin excretion from the pancreas, thereby enhancing glucose metabolism in the body. Alanine is also known to contain uncontrolled growth of the pancreatic tissue, which can lead to cancer, and is therefore used effectively to treat prostate cancer in the body as well.

Summary: Alanine supplements are well known to improve strength and muscle mass, which is why it is extremely popular amongst athletes who are looking for a considerable increase in their performance in a short period of time.

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