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The benefits and side effects of aniracetam

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Aniracetam is one of several substances of the nootropic drug family and it is used to boost brain function and improve several cognitive processes. Developed around the 1970’s as a nootropic supplement in Belgium, it has grown in popularity as the demand for such drugs has increased.

Aniracetam is a drug belonging to a class of drugs known as nootropics. There are other drugs, such as piracetam, in the category as well. However, Aniracetam is the most potent and therefore has remained the most popular throughout the years.

Widely renowned as one of the most effective brain boosting drugs, the usage of Aniracetam is now fairly widespread, with a comparatively smaller number of side effects. It also contains very low toxicity levels, making it tolerable for almost all users.

As mentioned earlier, Aniracetam is one of a class of drugs that improves brain function, sharpens cognitive skills and generally improves all areas of brain activity.

Mental performance is increased with an adequate dosage of the drug, with significant improvements in a wide variety of cognitive functions such as mental endurance, memorization and memory function, concentration, focus and visual perception.

Along with the improvements in mental alertness, Aniracetam also results in an increase in creativity that comes with improved mental function. The mood enhancement properties of Aniracetam are less known, although they do exist.

Aniracetam, as a drug and supplement, is and has been used to improve a wide variety of brain-related functions. In addition to that, Aniracetam has also been used sometimes to address several issues such as anxiety, depression, Alzheimer’s disease, motion sickness, sleep disorders as well as Attention Deficit Hyperactivity Disorder.

Its usage to improve brain function and cognition is widely documented. It is known to positively affect parts of the mind related to memory and thought, while improving judgment capabilities.

The foremost benefits of using Aniracetam are related to mental functioning. However, it may benefit users suffering from other issues as well.

Benefits of Aniracetam

The most common benefits of Aniracetam are what have made it such a popular drug among the vast majority of users. It has been a relatively inexpensive and comparatively safer alternative to some of the other alternative brain boosting medications out there. Although its effects last for a relatively short period of time within the body, with continued usage, it has been proven to gradually improve brain functioning for the long run as well.

The most major benefits of Aniracetam are as follows:

Improvements in Memory: This is by far one of the most famous benefits of using Aniracetam. There have been various studies related to this specific aspect of the drug, all proving that Aniracetam not only makes an improvement on short-term memory but also increases long-term memory. Along with the improvements in memory, Aniracetam has also been proven to significantly improve recall, which is an active part of the human memory function. Recall speed is also improved by regular usage of this drug. (1, 3)

Improvements in cognitive function and performance: Aniracetam is widely popular for its improvements to healthy cognitive functioning. It has also shown a potential for improving conditions in people with any sort of cognitive impairment. (2)

An increase in awareness and attention: Aniracetam can cause a significant increase in attention which is particularly useful in treating mild ADHD and other attention disorders. The user is gradually more aware of their surroundings which in turn, broadens their attention span.

Reduces anxiety and improves mood: Another very positive benefit of the drug is its anti-depressant and mood enhancement quality. This in turn, makes for a relaxed state of mind and with continued usage, reduces the chances of anxiety or stress in the future. It has also been known to positively affect some of the most common symptoms of depression.

Improved focus: This is caused from the attention improving qualities of the drug. With greater attention, comes a heightened focus, which can significantly ease any task at hand that requires mental focus.

May improve sleep patterns: Although there are few reports of Aniracetam improving sleep patterns in users, there are indications that its continued use may address this issue as well. This is in direct relation to the anti-depressant qualities of the drugs, which help to calm the user’s mind and alleviate stress.

Side effects of Aniracetam

Although the side effects of Aniracetam are very few, to the point of being almost nonexistent, there have been some reports of Aniracetam adversely affecting some users. Even in the cases where Aniracetam has shown side effects, the discomforts have been fairly mild and not enough to discredit the usage of the drug to any significant degree. (4)

The most commonly reported side effects of the drug are as follows:

It may cause headaches: Aniracetam can cause headaches, because of the direct relation to the brain, and the neural pathways. However, this has only been reported in cases when the dosage consumed was significantly higher than recommended.

Increased nervousness and anxiety: Similar to the aforementioned side effect, Aniracetam’s direct relation to brain functioning might cause an increase in nervous energy and anxiety. Although the drug is known to reduce the latter, a higher than recommended dosage can cause a slight increase in anxiety and jitters.

Causes fatigue, nausea and general distress in some cases:  Aniracetam could also cause fatigue in some individuals as well as nausea and a generally distressed feeling, unless taken in appropriate doses.


The ideal dosage for Aniracetam has been deemed at 1000-1500mg, depending on individual needs, daily. Smaller doses of 400mg have also been found to be effective however the recommended dosage is 1000-1500mg, broken down into 2 doses of 500-750mg per day. Always consult with your doctor before consumption of supplements like Aniracetam.

Summary: Aniracetam is a highly effective brain stimulant with a vast array of positive effects on brain functioning and almost zero side effects. It helps in holistic and collective thinking by increasing activity and blood flow in certain areas in the brain. It is a powerful AMPA modulator and has been studied for combating against depression and other CNS disorders like Alzheimer’s disease.

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