Wednesday, May 25, 2016

VitaPulse full review (is it a scam?)

A nutritional supplement that is said to help improve cardiovascular health, VitaPulse also claims to offer more energy and better sleep.

Even helps joint pain.

The science?

Antioxidants play a crucial role in helping us improve and maintain our cardiovascular health by fighting free radicals [1].

Fruits, vegetables, whole grains etc are all various sources through which we obtain these nutrients and many doctors recommend getting these antioxidants from natural sources, however, several antioxidant supplements like Vitapulse may also do an equally good job.

The Ingredients:

What are the ingredients used in VitaPulse that yield so many potential benefits and are these benefits backed up with any scientific claims?

VitaPulse is claimed to be based on just 3 ingredients:

  • NAC
  • PQQ
  • CoQ10

Each of these 3 ingredients is known to have its own role in helping improving cardiovascular health because each of them carries their own unique properties.

For example, Coenzyme Q10 is an antioxidant which is said to lower your chances of having a major cardiac event, by half. [2] Just taking 100 milligrams of Coenzyme Q10 can go a long way in getting you a healthy heart.

Another ingredient used in VitaPulse is N-acetyl cysteine (NAC) which is known for its great cancer preventing properties. However, it is equally effective in fighting off heart diseases as well. By preventing the oxidation of LDL cholesterol and increasing the production of nitric oxide, NAC can also improve your cardiac health. [3]

The final ingredient that is used in this antioxidant supplement is Pyrroloquiniline Quinine Disodium Salt (PQQ Na2). This ingredient is said to have anti-aging benefits, and it has also shown great results in terms of preventing mitochondrial damage. PQQ Na2, helps in reducing triglyceride levels, hence if you have been taking this supplement and experience a cardiac event you are likely to sustain less damage to your cardiac muscles [4]

These three ingredients collectively make VitaPulse, which is why it is an ideal antioxidant supplement for anyone who is looking to protect their heart and make it healthier.

What makes VitaPulse the first choice for many people are the almost zero side effects that are associated with it. Out of the very few side effects that you might experience after taking this supplement is a little bit of nausea and this too is experienced by very few people. 

Hence, it is very likely that if you are taking this supplement you may not experience any side effect at all. The reason for this again could be the limited number of ingredients used and how all of them are naturally occurring.

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